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Posted: Jan 27, 2016
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I'm a sucker for buying apps. A calendar app that looks very good is Fantasical 2. I'm just wondering if any Toodledo users are also Fantastical 2 users. Do you find the two apps complement each other or compete against each other? It's the list/task part of Fantastical that intrigues me. Do they work together? How do you use both of them? Do you feel the list/tast part of Fantastical is redundant to what Toodle do does so well? Or do you have a system that incorporates the use of both?


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Posted: Jan 27, 2016
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I've not tried Fantastical, but I have heard it's one of the better iPhone calendar apps available. I use Pocket Informant on my iPhone for my personal calendar, task list & contact list. It has a very similar feature list to TD's, but ties your tasks to your calendar which I find very useful because many of my tasks are related to events. I don't use the TD syncing feature as I keep my work and personal task lists separate as much as possible. I've read here that PI syncs very will with TD. I much prefer PI's interface to TD's on my phone, it is much simpler and user-friendly than TD's. It's nice to have all these choices.

Posted: Jan 27, 2016
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I'm just trying to work this out logically. I tend to think that the list/task function of Fantastical is redundant to lists/tasks on Toodledo (which I've used and loved for years). Why would I want to start making lists on another app, thus on two apps? I just love the look and functions of Fantastical 2, including the lists/tasks. Maybe I should switch? Something is telling me not to do that. But something is also tellling me to have both doesn't make sense either.

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Posted: Jun 17, 2016
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What functionality do you expect of your task manager ?

For me, I absolutely need the following:

1) Tasks showing in calendar views, and the ability to show in-progress tasks as well as due / overdue ones. I have many meetings & lots on my plate & I don't want to be switching between two apps all the time or I know I will miss something.

2) Start date support. I work on multiple projects all having long duration tasks and deadlines that are set in stone. I need any given task to start showing on my calendar xx days ahead of time - early enough that I will not miss the deadline if I have to spend 2-3 days working on it along with other things. And I don't want it clogging my views before that.

3) A "Today" feature - the ability to pick any task - regardless of it's due date - and make it show on today in my calendar, or on the top of the list in my task view (without changing it's due date of course). This is what Toodledo's Star feature is for.

4) The ability to access my calendar and tasks from any mobile device and any computer that I use, without having to use the web interface on mobile.

So far, Informant + Toodledo is the only combination that meets all of these criteria (and then some). Even though some Informant bugs drive me nuts. But no other calendar or task service even comes close. Sunrise was showing some promise but MS had effectively killed it.

So, what do you need ? All of the pretty interface in the world means nothing if you can't use it effectively.

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