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Time for a price change Part 2
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Posted: Jun 15, 2016
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Posted: Dec 01, 2015

Well, that's $2.50/month for one of the most robust tasks apps around. I think of the price question as whole: Is the whole package worth $2.50 a month? "

So, I was going to try the Gold subscription and reply but with the rush to have projects finished before the end of the year, forgot about it and now the original thread is locked.

Having tried TD Gold for 2 weeks, I will not be subscribing to the paid account. While I consider TD to be the best task tracking system, the Gold features left me underwhelmed. Here's why:

1) File attachments. This would be the most important reason for me to subscribe. However, it's only working in the web browser, effectively rendering this feature useless to me since I work from my iPad or Phone 50% of time. Ideally, I should be able to see the attachments in the mobile version, and download them on demand.

2) Outlines. This module has some promise, however in it's current incarnation it works "backwards" for me. The best way to use outlines for me would be as a starting tool to brainstorm a project, so being able to create TD tasks from within the outline is essential for it to become a useful tool for me. But the way it's implemented is exactly the opposite - I can't create tasks from outline, but I can attach an outline to the task, which is simply just another way to do subtasks. And this link won't even transfer to the mobile device, at least for now.

3) Alerts... this could be useful if I primarily used the web version of TD, but with most use being on the mobile side, it's not essential since I simply assign alerts to the tasks in Informant.

3) Subtasks. This is higly subjective, but I prefer creating individual folders for medium sized projects (3-5 tasks or more) or putting small subtasks in the body of the note for the main task. I would not pay just to get this feature, tbh.

Is TD a great system ? Absolutely. But it's not the only good task management system. And Outlook, if set up right, has all of it's features and then some. If I had to pay $30 a year to keep using it, I'd seriously consider acquiring a couple gSyncit licenses instead, and getting a wider overall flexibility based around Outlook + Informant combo.

Now, if you need a team collaboration tool, then TD subscription makes far more sense. And then it's probably going to be covered by the company, anyway. But in our organization, everything is centered around Outlook.

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