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Posted: May 20, 2009
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Well, there have been a few quick GreaseMonkey addon scripts that I wrote based on discussions on these forums and/or from my personal needs, so I started a page listing them in case anyone else is interested.

You can find the page here:

So far I have:

* Refresh page after 1hr of inactivity or when pressing R key
* Wrap long task names in the task list
* Add click-through to folder item counts

I also wrote an "Add Subtask" script that adds the "add subtask" button to each task and the parent task field to the add task form. Unfortunately as I do not have access to the backend code, I got stuck at that point. Going beyond that would require either intercepting the javascript callback after ajax call within the application (not sure how to accomplish that) or bypassing the app code and using the api calls directly (need to look up how to do that, but seems too intrusive into the app) - either way it violated my "15 minutes max per script" policy so for now I am not posting it.

As always be warned that any GreaseMonkey scripts may break when site code is updated.


P.S. If you have some of your own scripts to share and/or ideas for small extension scripts, feel to post here.

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