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starttime and duetime API not following spec?
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Posted: Aug 21, 2018
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The spec for duetime (similarly for starttime) says:

duetime : A GMT unix timestamp for when the task is due. If the task does not have a time set, then this will be 0. If the task has a duetime without a duedate set, then the date component of this timestamp will be Jan 1, 1970. Times are stored as floating times. In other words, 10am is always 10am, regardless of your timezone. You can convert this timestamp to a GMT string and display the time component without worrying about timezones.

However, I find that if I make a task on the website with a duetime but no duedate, the API returns 0 for both duedate and duetime. starttime behaves the same way.

According to the spec above, I would expect 0 for duedate and "1/1/1970 + the time" for the duetime field.

On the iOS app, it won't allow you to make a task with a duetime and no duedate. If you sync the task from the website to the iOS app, you get a duetime and no duedate.

I'm not sure how the iOS app manages to do this if it's getting the same API responses that I am.
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