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Moving to Pocket Informant for Android - thoughts?
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Posted: Jan 19, 2012
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I'm finally "upgrading" my Palm WebOS phone to an HTC Android and looking for an app to manage my GTD setup in Toodledo. I remember using Pocket Informant back in the day with great success so pretty excited to try it out again.

Hoping to get some thoughts or lessons learned from other Toodledo-ers on the Android platform. Good, bad, some issues? PI still full of awesomeness?

Posted: Jan 26, 2012
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I used PI on an iPhone for several years - fantastic product. Last month I moved over to Android, and PI Android is not nearly so impressive. In particular, the Android version is weak in two features that are very powerful in the iOS version: timezones, and tasks. I won't bore you with the details - but believe me, the iOS version (v2.x)far outperforms Android (currently 1.5x beta). BUT yesterday (Jan 25 2012) WebIS announced a new product, PI Online. So far, they have not released many details, but it looks like (i) it'll cost $15 - $25 per year; (ii) it'll allow you to sync your events & tasks to ALL of your devices (iPhone, Android, iPad); (iii) it's not just a backup/sync service, you'll be able to login on your desktop, and organize events & tasks from there. I am hoping that it'll be like a combination of Google calendar and Toodledo. AND, if is IS like that, I hope that PI Android will soon be able to handle timezones & tasks just as well as the iOS version does it now. Check their website.
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