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Toodledo Sync, my information is a mess
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Posted: Apr 20, 2012
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My information is getting so scattered since I got the iPhone 2.5 years ago. I used to have everything in Outlook since 1998 sync'd with Palm and then several PocketPCs (contacts, calendar, notes, todo).

Then came iPhone. A co-worker recommended Toodledo when I got it and I had Chromatic Dragon ToodleDo Sync working so everything was still fairly syncronized. But then I got a WinXP 64 bit laptop and I can no longer get ToodledoSync to work (or something with our firewall/proxy changed). And iTunes doesn't work with XP64, so no sync there :(

So now I have....
(1) Work Outlook with contacts, calendar, notes, todo

(2) iPhone with contacts, calendar, notes, todo (I have gotten exchange to connect so calendar is somewhat in sync but contacts are duplicated). It is nice how the iPhone notes are searcheable from the homescreen comapred to opening an app, wait, find the search window, type, wait etc...

(3) Toodledo site/app for todo and most of my notes (I've let Outlook get out of date on these two since not syncing)

(4) And lately I have been playing with Evernote which I *really*like* for the capability of adding images to notes and the "browser web clipper" to quickly save bookmarks or cool new gadget pictures, etc. I really wish Evernote would add better todo management, or Toodledo would add image storing :-/

Anyway.... does anyone have Toodledo Sync working with XP64?

Help me get this mess under control!!!

Posted: Apr 20, 2012
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Is there a reason that you have to use Outlook for todo or notes? I'm on a corporate Exchange mail server and completely abandon the use of tasks in Outlook (was brain dead anyway)

For sync, try TaskUnifier,it's java, doesn't require admin authority to install and you can manually specify the proxy information...

I just started using Evernote for my collective documentation brain. Evernote is one of the first applications (along with Chrome) to adhere to Microsoft's no admin required (my term) installation process thus not requiring local administrative privliages to install. Like ToodleDo for tasks, I'm now using Evernote for all notes, work and personal.

I agree that it would be nice if Evernote were better integration with ToodleDo but I feel like I have best in breed for the types of function each system performs. I could force Evernote to do GTD type task management, even bought an eBook to investigate further, not what I want... Or I could force ToodleDo to be my document brain, again, not the best. I have a SnapScan from Fujitsu to capture documents into Evernote (or wherever) this scanner is an awesome tool! But I digress...

So, larger philosophical question, why do you have your stuff (the same stuff that is) spread across multiple tools that perform the same task? e.g. Outlook tasks, toodledo tasks, etc?


Posted: Apr 23, 2012
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I only started using toodledo because iphone didn't have task/todo/reminders app (I'm still on iOS4). Outlook has been around a long time and I've been able to maintain all my information there.

Websites and apps come and go and they don't make it easy to switch. Sure they each might have import/export options, but that doesn't make it easy (I haven't figured out how to export toodledo notes and import into evernote for example. I started working on a perl script, but that is a lot of work to move my data).

Thanks for the tip on Task Unifier, but that seems like adding yet another app into the mix. What advantage does it have over site?

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