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Outlook syncing - what are my options?
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Posted: Sep 17, 2015
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I love ToodleDo on my mobile device (iPhone) ... and syncing it (tasks & notes) with Outlook (2010) on my desktop (Vista) with the (only & free) app that existed used to be a breeze.

Earlier this year my HDD crashed and I (finally) upgraded to Outlook 2013 on Win 7. I have now come to the point where I want to rebuild all my productivity elements - including ToodleDo sync ... and I come to realize that the old sync tool doesn't exist anymore. :-(

Instead we have poorly documented options on the 3rd party tab. Looking through those option I assume the following might work for what I am trying to do:
- gSyncit
- Ceptara
- Evo

I've tried to install gSyncit and Evo ... Both fail to install (haven't tried Ceptara yet). I'm a little frustrated, as not being able to integrate with Outlook severely undermines my productivity and effectively renders the ToodleDo app almost useless for someone that mainly lives in Outlook otherwise IMHO. Shouldn't this be a core feature ?

Is there anything else - preferably simple & free - that works ...? Thank for any good suggestions.

Posted: Mar 07, 2016
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My gsyncit works with outlook 2013. I'm syncing at the moment with a Google calendar, BUT the option is there to sync with toodledo. It's in the drop down menu. Give that a whirl.

Posted: Mar 07, 2016
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I too am disappointed. I will not continue my subscription after this year. I have install Gsyncit v4 and it has not sync yet on one computer and it says on the other it Outook is not my default email client. Thanks for the hassles you have something great and you stop making it.

Posted: May 31, 2016
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There may be a somewhat ass-backwards limited but free way of doing this using IFFFT (copy new Toodledo tasks into Apple Reminders & sync to then to Outlook) but I could never make IFFFT work for recipes that included list name.

Posted: Jun 01, 2016
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I am using gSyncit 4.2.169 with Outlook 2013 and it's working without any problems.

Posted: Jun 02, 2016
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There's two problems with gSyncit approach (which not everyone will run into).

First, you need to buy a license for every computer you want use it on; for me that means three desktops + laptop. That's a bit much.

Second, many if not most workplaces don't allow you to install any unapproved 3rd party applications. On my work desktop, nothing can be installed without IT involvement.

The beauty of syncing - and the reason I dumped Toodledo for about half a year - is that with Outlook 2013 and above, you don't need any 3rd party software to sync between Outlook and As long as you're using software that syncs with, you will have all of your data synced across all of your devices with no jumping through hoops.

The problem that I ran into, and the reason I gave up on syncing, is that on iOS, there's no easy way to force tasks to show on today in the calendar without changing the due date. Pocket Informant does this with any other type of tasks except iOS reminders (which is what would sync to). There's only one other calendar I know of that supports a Star feature and it does this by replacing the due date with today's date, which is a terrible approach. There's also an issue with Reminders not having a start date. Some calendars work around it i.e. you can assign a start date in that app & sync it accross, but PI removed that feature and other calendars don't have the Star feature. In the end, I decided that access to the full range of task management features in Toodledo was worth more to me than having all my tasks in desktop Outlook across all of my computers.

If you don't use the "today" feature in PI, however, there's at least two other iOS apps that allow using Start date on Reminders.
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