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Tiny RSS reader that sits in the System Tray
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Will Warren

Posted: Jun 16, 2009
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I searched the intertubes and couldn't find a rss reader that met my requirements for use with Toodledo.

They were,

1. Must be tiny and sit in my system tray with minimal fuss and be blazingly fast.
2. Should open up and show me all the tasks for a specific RSS feed for a folder (see the toodledo export rss)
3. Should open a link to my toodledo when clicking on a task.
4. Should be compact so I can glance at all the tasks in a folder quickly.
5. Should non-intruisively notify me if there is any change in my task list from the last time I looked at it.
6. Should refresh about once a minute.
7. Should be orderable by title / date.

I scoured the web but only found bloated, non-task orientated feed readers, and web based versions.

So, I wrote one in Java (which is obviously bloated - but not with silly features :). If there's interest I'll post a link to the code - it requires java 1.6, has all of the features + you can run multiple copies so you can have 5 system tray icons and have them check different folders (my work computer checks different rss than my home computer), also, has the added features of being able to choose your own icon per feed. (My "waiting for" icon is a red angry face :)

Let me know if anyone would be interested, maybe I'm old and not web savvy enuogh. I just don't like load times of browsers / web pages)


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