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Outlook Sync Tool and Due Time
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Posted: Jun 26, 2009
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I have started to use Due time to enable the reminder options on the Toodledo Website. Does the Sync Tool support Due Time fully as I appear to have found some inconsistencies (all of these were carried out with the remindme option deselected)
a) If I make a change to the Due Time on Toodledo, it is correctly synced to the Outlook
b) If I delete the Due Time on Toodledo, the change is not reflected in Outlook - The task still has a Due Time.
c) If I delete the Reminder Time in Outlook, the web is correctly updated
d) If I make a change to the Reminder Time in Outlook, it is not synced correctly to the web. In this instance, the reminder time is cleared from the web.
Also, at the moment I don't think it is possible to set the alarm flag from within Outlook (ie. No custom field) and then sync to the website. Will this be supported in a future release?
Hope the above makes sense.

Posted: Jun 26, 2009
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thanks steve. I'll need to look into this before I can tell you what is happening.

I'll also need to look into the difficulty of adding a custom field for the alarm flag. On the face of it it sounds simple, if it is I'll try and work it into a future release


Posted: Jun 26, 2009
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Thanks Keef,
I did message Jake and I don't beleive the Alarm flag is in the API yet.
In terms of the Due time, it isn't a major issue for me -- but if you do get time, this would be great thing to have working in a future release.

Posted: Jul 15, 2009
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This may be a related issue.

I often set reminder times on my Outlook tasks. Today was my first installation of the ToodledoSync tool and the first sync went really well.

I noticed after I changed an item on the web site that after the sync occured it automatically caused the reminder window to appear on Outlook and the reminder date was incorrect.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a task in Outlook and set a reminder date several months in the future. I did NOT set a due date, only the reminder.
2) Wait for a sync or perform a manual sync.
3) Verify the task has been copied to Toodledo and appears in the web.
4) Modify the task on the web (I added a tag in both cases I saw this issue).
5) Wait for a sync or perform a manual sync.
6) Note that the task now has a reminder of the current date at 7:00 AM in Outlook. In my case the reminder window appeared immediately after the sync since it thought I was overdue on the task.


This message was edited Jul 15, 2009.

Posted: Aug 18, 2009
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I'm seeing the issues described by sventhebrit. Are there any updates to this issue? I'm using installed to Outlook 2007 within Windows Vista Business (64bit).

Essentially, any tasks originated from within Outlook do not have the reminder time set. Only when the task is created from ToodleDo's web UI, am I able to get a reminder time set for the task.

Posted: Oct 20, 2009
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Any update on this yet?

Posted: Oct 20, 2009
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Toodledo just recently added reminders to the API:
So it is just now possible for the Outlook tool to acces and create Toodledo reminders. I would recommend emailing the developer of the Outlook sync tool to tell him you want the capability. His email can be found here:

Posted: Oct 21, 2009
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I would love this feature too :-)
I will contact Keef.

Posted: Apr 16, 2010
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It is so disappointing to find that after setting up a Toodledo account then installing the iPhone app. and the Chromadrake utility, the reminders set in Outlook don't work on the iPhone at all.

Like many small business users, we have a large number of scheduled tasks created, managed and completed from within Outlook so it's difficult to see what use this set-up is if reminders don't work. Surely that's the main point of having tasks synced to the phone?

I guess the iPhone app works well if you use Toodledo as your master task organiser, but having tasks synced back to Outlook seems a little pointless if reminders aren't included. Surely there's a large number of users who already use Outlook as their main task management tool and simply need their iPhones to operate as slaves whilst away from the PC, providing reminders and offering the facility to 'tick off' completed tasks, then update Outlook at the next sync. It's such a simple, basic and intuitive process it took me some time trying to find out what was going wrong before I realised it wasn't actually supported.

Consequently, I haven't used Toodledo at all and I'm still limited to working within Outlook which is fine whilst I'm at my PC, but the missed opportunity here is enormous.

Am I missing something here or are just not that many users working this way?

Posted: Apr 17, 2010
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Outlook reminders (ie. When you flag emails in outlook are not true tasks). I don't know why, but Outlook treats them differently. I used to drag emails to the task icon and creates a proper Outlook task which then syncs with Toodledo -- this works, but you are limited on the fields you can set.

I then started to use some custom VBA in outlook which I convert emails to tasks by clicking on an icon. It brings up a custom form similar to the Firefox Plugin "Add Tssk to Toodledo" where I can add next action and other parameters - due date, due time, contect, tag, folder, reminder, etc). It uses dropdowns and the tasks get saved in Outlook Tasks which then subsequently saved to Toodledo. It requires some setup and basic Outlook VBA Knowledge (I only have basic knowledge), but it does work really well - at least I think so !!

I don't have ny setup here with me, but I can look it up next week and it may give some clues as to how to get it to work.


Posted: Apr 17, 2010
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Posted by jon:
Am I missing something here or are just not that many users working this way?

Hi Jon,

I think you got it... if you use Toodledo as your master task manager then it all makes sense and works well. If you use Outlook as your prime task management environment and use Toodledo with Chromadrake as the middleware between desktop and mobile device, then you do lose some functionality.

Toodledo is designed to be fully-fledged task management solution that would be used in place of Outlook, and it can be synced with a number of iPhone apps. This works really well. While many use it as middleware, I don't think that's its prime purpose.

The problem of course stems from the fact that Apple did not provide a native task management app on the iPhone. The native iPhone email and calendar apps sync nicely with Outlook. So we need to use a third-party task manager and find a solution to sync with our desktops.

If you are really committed to using Outlook for task management, then my recommendations would be:

1. Use a Windows Mobile-based phone that runs Pocket Outlook. I've used a number of these devices in recent years and they sync well with Outlook on the desktop via ActiveSync or WMDC.


2. Find an iPhone task management app that syncs directly with Outlook (i.e. don't use Toodledo/Chromadrake as the middleware). Appigo Todo does this with its own sync utility although it's still in beta and seems to be a bit difficult to get working.

Or you could do what I did... dump Outlook for task management and replace it with Toodledo. After switching to the iPhone from Windows Mobile (what a breath of fresh air that was!), I looked at lots of task management apps and settled on Appigo Todo. This in turn led me to Toodledo.

After trying Toodledo, I quickly discovered it was so much better that Outlook's task manager (which I've never really been happy with) and made the switch. Toodledo is much easier to use than Outlook yet at the same time is more powerful. And because it's online I can access it pretty much anywhere I am - work, home, vacation, travel, etc.

The company I work for (like most) runs on Outlook with Microsoft Exchange. Thankfully, only Outlook's email and calendar are mandatory, so I can choose what I do for task management.

If you're able, try Toodledo as your prime task manager and see if it works for you.
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