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Outlook Toodledo Sync - Question about Repeats
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Posted: Aug 08, 2009
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I've downloaded and installed the Outlook Sync tool with no problems. I read about the master / slave relationship for recurring tasks and understand that it can only go one way. Is that per task? Can recurrence be set in Toodledo for some tasks and in Outlook for others?

Also, the tasks I have set up in Toodledo with repeats synced to Outlook incorrectly. I have one set to repeat optionally daily and in Outlook the next repeat is not until Monday. Also, shouldn't my Outlook tasks that originated in Toodledo have no repeat if Outlook is the slave? When I check the repeat option in Outlook some are set to repeat. Will this task duplicate twice? Once because Outlook shows it as a repeat and again when I resync after Toodledo repeats?

And finally, what is the best way to fix this? Should I remove the repeat from Toodledo, set it up in Outlook and resync?

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