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Outlook 2007 / iPhone 3G Sync loses tasks
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Posted: Dec 09, 2009
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I am having this problem that's putting me off using Toodledo, but it's such a good task manager I'd prefer not to lose it.

I can add a number of tasks on either Outlook or my iPhone (today it was the iPhone) and it claims to have synced ok. But later when I sync the other one it doesn't get the new tasks and you lose all the new entries from the previous device too. It doesn't happen all the time. I even just tested it rigorously back and forth with individual enties and it worked. But it loses it just enough for me to always wonder if my data is safe. It's infuriating as it only seems to happen when you've put a number of new important entires on there that you absolutely do no want to re-type (or for that matter try to remember). Has anyone had anything like this happen?

Posted: Dec 16, 2009
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No answer to this yet? I am having same problem. Please help

Posted: Mar 04, 2010
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I'm having problems too. I have found that the way to force non-syncing tasks through is to date them with today's date. Doesn't instil much confidence in the system though.

Posted: Mar 07, 2010
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Hi There,

I have been using Outlook 2007, Outlook Sync Tool, Toodledo.Com and Toodledo on the iPhone for over 12 months and it works really well. Are you using Appigo Todo or Toodledo on the iPhone?

What version of the Sync Tool are you using? I am using v1.0.1.6 which is the latest from the website but previous version have worked fine too.

Other things to check are you timezone on the Toodledo.Com website as this has been know to cause Sync Errocs.

Keef who develops the Sync Tool os very helpful and maybe able to help with issues between Outlook and Toodledo.Com website. You need to turn on logging in the Diagnostcis tab, perform a sync, copy the logs to a text file and then email the file through to

If you are using Toodledo for iPhone (and not Appigo Todo) then you should submit a support ticket (see to the Toodledo team and they should be able to identify why your tasks are being deleted.

Assuming your tasks created in Outlook or the iPhone make it to the Toodledo.Com website, you should goto Account Settings > Recently Deleted Tasks ( - you may need to change https to http if you dont have a pro account) and it will tell you how the task was deleted.

Hope above helps.

Posted: Mar 08, 2010
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I cant get it to work either. Syncs fro iphone to outlook fine but not from outlook to iphone. Very frustrating
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