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Posted: Jul 31, 2011

No actually I actually like the clean look, rapid navigation and a number of other features. It is weak in email collaboration. I also like the GTD built into it. Yes I have done some workarounds but For the cost it is a pretty good system. Just depends if you want to pay more for any number of others that may have better formal collaboration features but will have their own level of complexity and issues. How big is your team, number of departments, number of simultaneous projects
Keith K.

Posted: Oct 12, 2010

Since it's been a couple years of people complaining about the fact that the Toodledo "collaboration" is just barely usable and so far I haven't seen any signs that a giant overhaul and fix is coming in the near future has anyone had much success using other task systems among multiple team members?

This is more like being able to go write on my coworkers whiteboard because he leaves his office unlocked vs. an actual collaboration tool.

Some basic features I need are being notified (email, rss, list, etc) whenever a task I'm involved in is completed, assigned to me or changed by someone else.

Actually having our tasks live together within one list instead of this assign it to someone and it's "gone" idea.

The ability for a task to either be assigned to a pool(essentially an unassigned task that someone could grab when they had time) or to multiple people.

Has anyone had very much success with other systems and collaboration?

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Posted: Apr 30, 2012

Having a prioritized to-do list does not mean that we suddenly have more time and resources and that big projects are suddenly small. I promise you that we are not sitting on the beach goofing off. We are actively working on improvements to collaboration.

Properly adding collaboration to the iPhone is and continues to be a very big and complicated project that affects every part of Toodledo from the iOS app all the way back to the database. There have been a number of things that we have had to complete before sharing because in one way or another they were pre-requisites. We are making good headway.

Posted: Oct 21, 2012

I think this might be a bug as I have checked all the settings. Alternatively, I have just not understood how the Collaboration function works in ToodleDo.

I have a Pro account and am trying to set up a collaboration with my partner, who has a free account.

As he is not the "techy" one, I am setting it up for him on his computer - which is sitting next to me, so I can test things from my perspective and his perspective as I go along.

Initial Collaboration Settings - my "No Folder" tasks are visible to my collaborator:

Although I had shared just one folder as part of the invitation, I was surprised to see that the invitation had automatically also shared all tasks that I had failed to assign to a folder. (These were ones that I had emailed to myself - I can never remember the codes for adding Folders, Goals, etc. )

Viewing the Collaboration settings on my account, I saw that I could uncheck the option to share "No Folder" tasks, so I did this.


Is it a bug that my collaborator could, by default, view all the tasks which I had failed to assign to a folder?

If not a bug, then is it a privacy issue that should be flagged-up, ie. by explaining how to avoid this happening before inviting a collaborator?

Apologies if this should not be flagged as a bug - but it does seem like one.

If anyone reading this has spotted that I might have done something myself to create this situation, please do post to let me know how to make it work properly, ie. so that my collaborator can see the tasks in the folder I have shared.


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Posted: Jul 21, 2009

If you both want to receive notifications, there are two ways I can think of.
-Use SMS (set up both phones email to SMS addresses). Pretty simple and you may have thought of it, and has obvious disadvantages(SMS=$, can't take you to the task in the app, etc.).
-Get seperate Pro accounts and use collaboration options. You can then assign tasks with reminders to one another. The disadvantages here are that collaboration features are not in the app, so you can only assign tasks, view shared folders, etc. on the website, and to both get a reminder for the same task, you will have to clone it and reassign one copy.

Posted: Jul 19, 2011

Could you please add the following to Hotlist Email and Collaboration update to make the notification much more informative:

1. Collaborator
2. Folder
3. Task if update is in regards to subtask

Without this information the notification need to be interpreted or look at because the description of the task or sub task may span multiple folders or collaborators.


Posted: Jul 23, 2010
From Topic: iPhone collaboration

Thanks for the post. I almost bought pro accounts and iphone apps to do this as well, but collaboration was the only advanced feature I was interested in. Guess we'll continue using the other iPhone apps that do this even though I generally like Toodledo better.

BTW, the collaboration feature on here appears to enforce the concept that only one of the two people can own a task at any givne time, and that the other person is a collaborator that just views the owner's tasks. I'd really like to see a better approach for shared ownership tasks/folders.

Posted: Apr 30, 2012

We are a small company and 2 of us have Pro Accounts and it all works well re: collaboration. We are about to start a new staff member and want to understand if she will need a Pro Account or a Free Account will suffice.

The functionality we are after is as follows;
- We can see all her tasks she has created
- We can assign tasks to her
- She can update tasks she has created
- She can update tasks we have created and assigned to her

Tx in advance for your assistance. I did look at forums and couldn't get a clear understanding.

Posted: Mar 22, 2011

I am in total agreement that collaboration is high priority. I have requested a number of times that their be an Assignee field and Assignor Field and allow assignments without dropping off my list. This also can't be done on Iphone apps whether Toodledo or others until Toodledo addresses this at the cloud version. Additionally while I appreciate the new notification emails the formatting identifying who did the task etc is all lumped together especially if their are numerous updates. Collaboration is the highest item on my list as I use extensively in our organization but have had to use the Context field and Location as substitutes for status and ability to see who I have assigned to still on my screen.

Posted: Jul 18, 2008

Hi Everyone,

My fiancee and I have both been using Toodledo for a little while now, and we finally upgraded to Pro accounts so that we can share our todo lists.

Well, after setting everything up, I am either missing several settings or very underwhelmed by the collaboration system.

Here are the things I was hoping to be able to do. Please let me know if they are possible somehow:

1) Share a list as if it were owned by both of us. Have it show up in both of our main folders, hotlists, etc... Basically, the simplest form of sharing. If I add a task, she should be able to see and complete it. If she adds one, I should be able to. In the current system it takes several clicks to find share lists, and they don't show up anywhere in the main account.

2) We are also both using mobile devices for our todo lists, and the collaboration simply doesn't exist on the "slim" version of the site, and it won't sync with 3rd party apps because it isn't listed as one of the folders in the main account. Is it somehow possible to have the shared lists work as if they were any old normal list so they would appear on the mobile version and sync with apps like Todo and OutlookSync?

Thanks in advance for your time,

- Mason

Posted: May 21, 2012

There have been many users who thought that they could collaborate on iOS devices.

Could be because the main toodledo.com page shows an image of an iPhone and an iPad, and says:
Collaborate. Easily work with other people on shared projects with Toodledo's collaboration tools.

When you click to register, one of the things you see is that Toodledo lets you "Collaborate with other people on projects."

It seems reasonable to assume that sharing applies to the iPhone and iPad app, given that the apps are created by Toodledo. But there is no disclaimer that collaboration is not available on iOS devices.

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Posted: Sep 05, 2011

I wish forum users would stop on one hand complimenting the product and on the other threaten to leave if they don't implement immediately there request. We all have our top requests. Maybe there is a possibility of periodically Toodledo listing there top say 4 priorities for future. My recollection at the beginning of the year was UI and collaboration so it may look like this.

1. Bug support & corrections as needed (No description)
2. Minor features as developed (No description)
2. User Interface (Major project)
3. Collaboration (Major project)

If this were done say quarterly it may help the continued references to old requests and the standard reply that it is on the list. I guess the only downside is competition knowledge.


Posted: Jun 22, 2011

While awaiting a broader feature set on collaboration a relatively limited enhancement of the ability to email a task would be very helpful and that is to have the ability to add the task notes to the email. This would be a quick and simple form of Comment-Chaining seen in other project management software. Suggestion would be to have (2) email options

Email-With Notes

This would allow quick notification of teams set up as Outlook groups to see notes on task progress.

Thanks for consideration.

Posted: Oct 25, 2010

The Feature Comparison page states that Toodledo (free) has some Collaboration support:

The Collaboration line in the chart says "Partial" support, with a mouseover information "The free version lets you share lists in read-only mode. A Pro account lets the other person edit your list (if you allow it)."

Now when I look for that option, I can find it. In the Help section:

I find:
How can I privately share my tasks with someone else?

Private sharing is reserved for members who have a Pro subscription. If you have a Pro account, then you can privately share your tasks with other Pro members.

So my question obviously is: What kind of collaboration is available in the free version?

And of course this is also a hint that the information on the site could be made more clear. :)

Posted: May 22, 2012

Jake, this is not the first time that users have been misled about sharing on the iPhone.

From July 2011:

From May 2010:

From July 2010:

Again, take a look at the main page at toodledo.com.
The third point is: "Go Anywhere. Get Toodledo on your mobile phone, in your email, on your calendar, integrated directly into your web browser, and more."
The fourth point is: "Collaborate. Easily work with other people on shared projects with Toodledo's collaboration tools."

It is reasonable to assume that the fourth point is related to the third, and, given the fact that Toodledo has a mobile app, it is reasonable to assume that the mobile app offers collaboration.

In the description in the App Store, the reference to sharing/collaboration is buried in a list of features. It is not presented as a disclaimer. If you want to be explicit, say: Sharing/collaboration is not available in the iOS app.

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Posted: Nov 14, 2013

Hi Toodledo,

I'm using your tool for managing my business tasks. I would like to use the collaboration part of your tool with multiple unique customers that only see our mutual tasks. I don't want those customers to have to pay for their own subscription, or go through the signup process. Rather, I want to create an account for them, pay for the membership, and be able to reset their password if needed.

If I could create and pay for additional user logins under my account, the process of managing access to joint task editing for my customers would be much, much easier to roll out and maintain.

Is this a feature that could be added?

Posted: Dec 20, 2011
From Topic: Using assignor....

Many many problems....

First about the documentation :
1/ When I type "Assignor" in the help, there is NO answer from your help desk...
2/ In the forum, some of the administrators answer about a question on assignor, that I have to use the collaboration tool... BUT When I look on the tools provided by toodledo... No collabration tool... And again no answer in the help desk for the word "collaboration"

Second about the assignor use :
I just want to set some people somewhere in toodledo (where do I have to set them ?) and assigne them to some tasks... How can I do that
That should be anyhow very simple... But there is no help !

Addendum : in my view, these people to whom I assign tasks, are not supposed to have a separated toodeldo account : I just assign these tasks as a reminder only for me.

Posted: Feb 09, 2013

Or, you can go to the Collaboration page, under the Tools menu ...

Posted: Jan 03, 2013
From Topic: Default Shared task?

This is not currently possible, but it is our next step in improving our collaboration tools.

Posted: Jun 08, 2012

Collaboration is not yet supported on the iPhone, but we are working on it.
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