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Posted Oct 19, 2018 in: Toodledo Update: Product Principles
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  • Antal
  • Posted: Oct 19, 2018
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I am a bit puzzled by this message I just received;

'These plan changes will not affect your current pricing schedule throughout the duration of your current subscription; you are grandfathered into your current plan until your next renewal date.'

Are we grandfathered in our current plan? And keep our original prices for as long as we keep our subscription active?
Or does it mean that they are increasing the rates with 300%, as soon as there is an automatic (!) renewal?

In the Dutch Apple App Store we are stuck at version 3.3.10 from over a year ago. No Apple Watch app. I can't even log in in the iPhone app anymore. I am having quite a very bad Toodledo exprerience at the moment. I have been a user for quite a few years, but if the increase in price is also for current customers I am leaving Toodledo for one of the competitors who are have their act straight.

But, wait... How do I cancel my subscription?