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Posted Jan 20, 2024 in: Toodledo intermittently inaccessible
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All working fine for me.

Posted Nov 18, 2023 in: Sort By Start Date
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Is this on the web or app?

On the web at the right hand end of the dark blue ribbon that runs across the top of the page you should see the word "Sort"
To the right of this are three boxes that represent the first second and third sort options.
Click the first options box and in the list of parameters that opens select "Start date"

The same thing applies in the Android App (sorry don't use iPhone).

In the settings you can have these sort options apply globally (to all lists) or individually on a per list basis (separate for each list).

Hope this helps.

Posted Sep 16, 2023 in: How do I find completed tasks?
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On the browser main Tasks Page.

On the far left hand side select the "Tick" symbol

Select the "Recently Completed" option

Find the task you want to uncomplete and untick it.

Posted Sep 16, 2023 in: Hide future tasks - by list?
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Its in "Account Settings" - "General Settings" - "Tasks"

Hope this helps

Posted Jul 06, 2023 in: My previous To Do list
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I dont know of a way to get it to auto refresh but if you enable keyboard shortcuts in your account settings you can then use the "r" key to reload the current list.
I find this a bit quicker than using the mouse to reload the page.

Hope this helps.

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You have to hold down the "L" key and select each task you want to batch edit.
When you select the first task the batch edit window opens on the far right of the screen

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You can use subtasks when one task is dependant on another.

Task A has subtask B.
Ensure you complete the subtask (task B) before you complete the main task.(task A).

Posted Apr 02, 2023 in: How to modify saved search
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Select the saved search you want to modify
Go over to the top right of the page and select the down arrow in a white circle that is on the end of the sort options line
Select "Modify Saved Search"

Hope this helps.

Posted Jan 21, 2023 in: Hotlist on desktop versus iOS
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Same issue on Android.

In the new and legacy Android apps the Hotlist shows 50 tasks.
On the web it shows 102 tasks.

Like you I have set up identical sort criteria on all three services.

I am guessing there are some additional internal settings that we can't see/change.

I have given up with using the Hotlist and gone back to my saved searches which do seem to sync on all three ok.

A response from the Dev Team would be most welcome please.

Posted Dec 05, 2022 in: Repeated Tasks
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The tasks you see in TD depend on the view you are using and the settings for that view.
There are many different options for how tasks are displayed in TD.
You need to think about what tasks you want to see and then set the relevant view accordingly,

The same would apply to other task managers.

You could also change the due date to "optionally on" then these tasks would auto complete after the due date.

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Posted by cindymerrill3:
I've discovered that when you edit the note on a task, your changes are not saved. I wish that they were saved because I record a lot of notes in my tasks.

How to reproduce this bug:

1. Create a new task, and add a note to it. Then save/close the task.
2. Open the task and edit the note. Then save/close the task.
3. Open the task again, and you'll see that your edits to the note are missing.

I just tried this on Windows 10/Chrome Browser and it works fine for me.
What platform are you doing it on?

Posted Nov 19, 2022 in: Reprting bug?
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Create a support ticket here -

Posted Oct 03, 2022 in: Chrome Addon
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I use the "Add to Toodledo" chrome extension.

You can find it here;

Posted May 21, 2022 in: Revamped web app?
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Posted by Peter Scott:
Please be careful. "Modern" web appearance emphasizes big fonts and lots of whitespace. This would destroy the principal advantage of the task UI, the fitting of dozens of rows with a dozen attributes each on a single screen. I depend on that detail to handle the complexity of many interrelated tasks matching a search. If I wanted Remember The Milk I know where to find it.

!00% agree from me too.
The Major advantage of TD over all other task managers (and I have tried most of them) is the clean, simple, compact spread sheet type web interface.
This shows the maximum information in the minimum of space, which to me is far more important than it looking "modern" or "pretty" etc.
There are loads of other task managers that have White Space, Colours, Emoji's, Kanban Boards, Action Cards etc none of which are of any use to me as you have to scroll; up/down/sideways to see your tasks and associated details.

TD is the best fit for what I need in a task manager, maximum interface in minimum space.

By all means add sharper logos and colours, but don't spend loads of time sprucing up the interface, there are other things that need fixing (such as integrating Lists with Tasks, so you can easily turn a list item into a Task which would actually make Lists useable).

Posted May 08, 2022 in: Android Crash
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Before you abandon Toodledo take a look at Ultimate To-Do List here;

This is a third party Android app that links directly to Toodledo.
You can try it free for two weeks and if you like it unlock it for just $5.00
It should sync all your tasks and supports folders, contexts, notes and tags. plus lots of other features.

I have used it for years, I have no link to them other than as a satisfied customer.

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Go to
and in the "Select Tags Sort Type" drop down, select "Alphabetical A-Z"
Once done remember to select "Save Changes" at the bottom right of the page.

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No, you are not the only one, I have the same problem.

Until the App is re-written by TD (expected this spring) I am using Ultimate ToDo List.,on%20the%20features%20you%20need.

This syncs fine with TD and in some ways is better than the TD App.

Posted Dec 04, 2021 in: Naming a saved search
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Click in the field that says -
"New Search Title"
directly above the -
"Match All-Any of the following criteria" row on the New Search dialogue page

Posted Nov 05, 2021 in: "Sync connectivity failed" notification
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As you have found this is a long running problem that is still around (I see it on my Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 9).
The current owners have said they are working on replacing the current Toodledo (TD) App which should be available early next year, so you may have to wait until then for a fix.

Or you could try Ultimate To-Do List (UTDL) for Android

I have used this app, linked to my TD account for years.
It is much more configurable than the native TD app and syncs seamlessly with TD Tasks and Notes (does not support Goals or Habits but that is not a problem for me as I don't use them).
Also it does not synch saved searches from within TD but you can mimic any TD saved search in the App and you only have to set this up once.
Regards notifications it is better than the native app in that you can complete a task directly from the notification (you don't have to go into the main app to do this) and if you complete a task in another instance of TD (different device or web) then the notification on your phone will clear itself automatically.

The App is actively supported, the last release was 8/7/21.
It is free with an optional, one-off micro charge for advanced features, well worth the cost to support the developers, even if you don't need the extra functionality.

I have no affiliation with UTDL other than a very satisfied customer.

This message was edited Nov 05, 2021.

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In the UK the clocks went back 1 hour at 2am on Sunday.
Since then I have noticed two problems with notifications.

1. Gmail notifications are all occurring 1 hour earlier than the set time.
2. Notifications on my Android Phone and Tablet have stopped altogether (maybe due to problem 1),

This is a long standing bug in Toodledo which the previous owners (Arun & co) thought they had fixed.

Anyone else noticed this?

Think I have found the problem.
Reading through the help docs it mentions manually setting the time in your account as the TD servers sometimes have issues automatically updating the time when set to Auto.
My account time was 1 hour slow, have manually corrected it and Gmail notifications are at the correct time now and Android notifications have come back.

Will leave this post here in case anyone else has the same problem.

This message was edited Nov 02, 2021.
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