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Posted May 06, 2014 in: Multi-item selection
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I really like Toodledo, but sometimes I want to just throw it out the window.

I want to be able to choose several tasks and change them all at once. This seems so fundamental that I can't believe it isn't there. It should be click, click, click, change. And I don't mean search and multi-edit. That's a nice feature, but not what I'm talking about. I should be able to just visually choose some tasks and change them.

Actually, I think that's the way completion should work. Click, click, click, choose mark completed.

Toodledo is so close to how I want it to work. But that one missing thing is really fundamental.

Also, it does not appear that the forum search results can be sorted, so results from years ago are next to results from yesterday.


Posted Apr 15, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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Wow, just found the Android app. I am really, really happy. On first look, it does pretty much exactly what I want in an Android app. I had to find the how to turn on folders first, though. For me, it's unusable without folders.

About the only improvement I can think of right away is that I would prefer the folders in a list the way they are in the web site, instead of viewing them one at a time. But that is minor.

Now . . . make a native Windows app!