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I'm still waiting patiently for subtask support in the Android app. I would really like to be able to expand and collapse the subtasks of individual tasks (not all of them at once) on my phone, and also to add and delete subtasks, too. This seems like very basic functionality, but without it on my phone, the silver subscription I paid for to get subtasks only works on the website.

Posted Sep 28, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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Thanks for your prompt reply, Jake!

Re #2, I am seeing the hotlist in the app being different from what I see on the website. The options that I see for setting filters in each seem different:

_Android app_--I don't see how to configure the hotlist, but I do see Sort options where I can specify "first sort", "second sort", and "third sort". And the third sort isn't working correctly because I specified a sort for Star, and that isn't reflected in my list (but my first and second sorts of Due Date and Priority do work correctly).

_Website_--There are settings for the hotlist where you can specify which criteria for tasks will be included in the hotlist.

Is there a way to configure the hotlist in the app that's akin to what I've done on the website? I couldn't find that.

And I just discovered one more thing that I'm sad to be missing in both the Android app and widget. How can I access Notes? I see only Tasks in the app and widget.

Posted Sep 25, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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I've had a silver subscription to Toodledo for years now, and I've been considering switching from iOS to Android for a while but have avoided doing so because my beloved Toodledo app wasn't available in Android. But now it is (thank you!!), and so I've switched to Android. I've been using the Android app and widget for the last 2 weeks, but I seem unable to find two features that I'm accustomed to from the iOS app:

1. The ability to see subtasks of a task on demand. In the Android app, it appears that you can either always display subtasks or never display subtasks, and you can't get between these two states unless you change your settings. I have some tasks with subtasks that I open regularly or periodically, and others that I want to see only rarely. So, I'd prefer a display option that hides the subtasks but provides a way for me to show them on demand (as I did in iOS).

2. The ability to use the Hotlist settings from your Toodledo account to display your Hotlist in the app. That's what I did in my iOS app, so that the Hotlist view displayed on my computer and on my iPhone exactly matched.

Could you please tell me where the above features are, or if they don't exist, whether you plan to add them? Thanks!