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Posted Jan 03, 2011 in: [UserStyles] Toodledo Focus
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  • mttmllns
  • Posted: Jan 03, 2011
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First day using Toodledo and first time using Stylish!

Your style definitely stood out from the others. I made one modification that you might consider throwing in. It indents the note field more. The default margin really bothers me for some reason. I also decreased the font-size for notes from .9 to .8em and decreased the width because I keep accidentally clicking the note field and editing it:

.note {
font-size: 0.8em !important;

.note, .ednote {
margin-left: 75px !important;
width: 500px !important;

I'll probably color the priorities, too. I really should be spending more time playing with Toodledo itself instead of tweaking the UI....but man the default one was the biggest reason I was hesitant picking Toodledo.

Thanks again for the great style!