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David Madone

Posted Nov 24, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 5)
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I like the batch edit and have always used it. It would be very productive to be able to ADD a tag during a batch edit.

Currently if you search out several tasks that have dissimilar tags and you want to add one additional tag to all of the those tasks through batch edit.. it deletes all of the tags that are in place and adds the new tag.

Tags are a great way to sort things out quickly - being able to ADD a tag to multiple tasks, on the run, would be very productive.
David Madone

Posted Jul 21, 2014 in: Change Completion Date
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#SOLUTION# - Hello everyone! I started this thread on January 23, 2011, and have been waiting patiently for a solution all this time. Every year when my subscription comes up I debate whether to continue. I am still here! I do love Toodledo.

I just found this simple work around to be able to change the completion date (check off date)on a task.

It requires the use of an IOS or Android device with the Toodledo App installed. On either device put it on Airplane Mode so that you are disconnected from the world.

Go to your date settings and turn off the automatic date. Change the date to the date you want to mark the task complete.

Open Toodledo and mark the task(s) complete.

Return to settings on your device and change date back to automatic and then take the device off of Airplane Mode.

When it syncs with Toodledo it reports the date used from the device.

It doesn't work to change the date on your PC because when you make Toodledo changes via the PC you have to be connected to their server.

I know -- pain in the butt -- but for those tasks that absolutely need to be shown completed yesterday.. it works!

Jake... Please don't take this request off of your task list.... I think we would still like to have a simpler solution to use!

Have a great day!

P.S. To everyone that finds this post .. if you would give it a "thumbs up" we might be able to better show Jake just how many people would like to have this implemented! Your vote counts. dm

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David Madone

Posted Dec 29, 2011 in: Change Completion Date
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Okay, so I have used this for a year now and will probably renew my pro subscription. I do understand a few reasons for a static completion date and have lived with it for a year and accept it.

To make everyone happy you could simply add 1 item to the system. Rename your static completion date "Check Off Date" and add a changable "Completion Date." This would be helpful in a couple of ways ... gives us the ability to correctly note when we completed a task and would also show how many days behind someone is in updating their tasks.

I think that would be helpful.
David Madone

Posted Jan 26, 2011 in: Change Completion Date
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Posted by PeterW:
[quote]I've asked for this in the past as have many others. Some requests date back more than 3 years, so don't hold your breath!

PeterW - Thanks for the information! I like everything about Toodledo except for the fact that you can't go back and actually document when a task was completed - unless you are right there to click the box when you are done. And...... I guess you are right since we have no response from Toodledo to my original question(s) we shouldn't hold our breath. I would really like to know, from Toodledo, the logic behind not either makeing the completion date changable or not adding a field that could be used as a modifiable - sortable completion field. I think it would make the program better. Toodledo??
David Madone

Posted Jan 23, 2011 in: Change Completion Date
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I can't be the only one that would like to have the option to change the completion on a task or adjust the completion date and time to be other than the time you click the check box. I will often organize my task list in the morning and then set out about day without much time to check back in. If I don't get back to my task list until the next morning then all of my completed tasks for the previous day show a completion date for the wrong day.
I believe that the inability to adjust the completion date makes the program un-reliable for actual documentation purposes in court cases or other critical situations.
Are there plans to add this option in the future?
Would other users find this option useful?
Is there a reason that why you wouldn’t want to be able to adjust the completion date and time?
Thanks for your help and input.