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Posted May 12, 2011 in: Suspend repeating tasks
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If you set the due date for those tasks to be "Optionally On" (instead of "Due By" for example) then they will automatically roll over each day to the next day if they are not completed so in this case you wouldn't have to edit those task due dates when you get back.

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Posted Jan 04, 2011 in: 2010 Year In Review
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Been using Toodledo for a few days now and I absolutely love it! I have also used many different systems including Remember the Milk for a few months and Todoist etc before coming here.

Among the huge number of things that I love about it, I really love that you can set daily tasks that are contributing to a goal, e.g. Become an early riser, and then check off each day that I achieve the goal and view the progress as a chain so I can see how I am doing each time I review my goals.

And then the cherry on the cake is I can view the goal tab for that goal with its list of current and historical completed tasks and see detailed progress of the days that I have completed it, and I can add notes that I can see without having to click on the task every time.

It would be nice to be able to modify the completed time but it's not the end of the world - I am being pleasantly surprised each day at all of the things I can do with this tool, and with the lack of limitations that one usually finds when one tries to do something "outside the box".

Of course the interface could be updated, but I am even getting used to the functional interface that is there, even if it is not that pretty.

Love it and thanks! :-)

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