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Posted Jun 09, 2013 in: We want an official Android app !!!
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Honestly, I don't think that the toodledo guys are really interested in an Android App at all. Guys: You are still hiring iOS developers, but you're not looking for people with Android experience. Very telling.

However, why should they? I've bought UTDL (which is ugly, but great), and recently switched to DGT GTD, which looks much better, lacks some functions I don't use, but can duplicate tasks with their subtasks. I'm happy. And probably most users are, using one of the numerous nice 3rd party apps.

You don't spend lots of money on developing something that will probably be only a minor contender between what is already there.

If you use Android, remember: It IS Open Source. Which means that you don't cry for some big company with a broken apple in the logo to do something, but take a look around and see what others have done, and maybe do something yourself if you have the ability to (which I don't have, sadly).