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Posted Apr 27, 2011 in: SNOOZING
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  • kris
  • Posted: Apr 27, 2011
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Another case for creating snooze functionality sooner than later is for use while driving. If I counted correctly, it would take a minimum of 4 clicks to reset the due time on a task. Aside from the inconveniences mentioned by others, that's not a huge hassle when you're not driving, but 4 clicks can be dangerous when you're driving. Now, I know the safe answer to that is to not be using your phone while driving at all, but the reality is that me and most others will be using their phone in the car. For instance, I have a long commute home and sometimes need a reminder to pick something up on the way home, but depending on traffic and thus how long it takes to get home, I may need to snooze a reminder so I don't forget. So, I would hope that helping us to be as safe as possible would be a priority.

On a related note, is there some sort of road map where we can see what is on "the list" and what is actually being worked on? I know that priorities change, but it would be nice to know what's coming up.

I've tried a lot of other task apps and I keep coming back to this one. Keep up the good work.