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Posted Sep 28, 2020 in: We’re Back
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  • mgacsaly
  • Posted: Sep 28, 2020
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I am also a very long-time user of Toodledo (2011). I have recommended it to many over the years. For years there was very slow, but steady, improvements without substantial cost increases. I have reviewed many of the other todo list programs and none support the full GTD framework that I have come to rely on. I use context, location, priority, & status very heavily.

Since the sale of the business the improvements stopped, communications became poor to nonexistent, then finally the ios beta came and every time I used it I found new bugs, and each new release was worse than the last. Lifetime licenses are generally a scam to gain some cash before getting out of town – so I did not participate. I have completely lost all faith in the current Toodledo team.

So it is with a heavy heart that I give up on Toodledo. I am currently using Todoist. I have exported all my tasks and wrote a vba Excel program to convert context, status, location, and tags to Todoist tags, formulaically covert the great Toodeldo priorities, star, & status to the limited 1-4 Todoist priorities plus tags creating one project csv for each Toodledo folder.

Todoist has many features I like – much better Siri integration, native windows app, better note formatting, better use of color, along with more responsive customer support and a recent history of regular improvements. It also has substantial weaknesses – it lacks the GTD Context+Location+Priority+Status framework that allows me to clearly deal with What-I-am-Doing X Where-I-Am X What-is-Important X What-is-Blocked. Toodledo’s Priority+Star+Status gives me 20 levels of priority that are easy and clear and I actually use. The screen format (particularly on the web and windows) is pretty but rather low information density. The worst is the limitations on reporting/views – there is no way to create anything like the Toodledo Importance algorithm and the flexibility of views is quite limited, particularly sorting.

I will continue to check in - and if someone buys out Toodledo with the resources to support it, and progress is clear, I would consider it.

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  • mgacsaly
  • Posted: Dec 15, 2016
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I just say:
"Hey Siri set timer for ten minutes"
As I don't need a toodledo task to check dinner.

BUT - the below works (strange but true)...

"Hey Siri Remind me to go to the store NEWLINE SLASH tomorrow"

You actually say "newline slash" (the newline is needed otherwise the task becomes "go to store/tomorrow").
This creates a task with "go to the store /tomorrow" which Toodledo changes to "go to the store" with a due date set to tomorrow.
You can also use this trick to as tag.

Posted Nov 17, 2016 in: Siri API call from Toodledo App
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  • mgacsaly
  • Posted: Nov 17, 2016
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I have been using the Siri Reminders to Toodledo for several years.
The only problem is there does not seem to be a way to set the priority using siri or the toodledo reminders import.
All the fields OTHER than priority are taken from my default toodledo task settings.
But Priority is always LOW (which is what Siri creates reminders with).
Tasks I create ANY OTHER WAY are high priority (my default).
There does not seem to be a way to get siri to create a high priority reminder.

You explained that you just take the priority of the ios reminder...but it has been a few years and I still have to go in and edit each siri created task from low to high which is tedious.
I did not see a way to change task priority in IFTTT and did not find any Toodledo WORKFLOW applets.
Is there any way to get what I want (which is creating tasks using siri (now on my watch) at my default (or a specified) toodledo priority)?
(it seems like an option in the import reminders to "override priority to Toodledo default: Yes/No" or "override priority to: X" would do the trick.


Posted Dec 12, 2013 in: New Section: Lists
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  • mgacsaly
  • Posted: Dec 12, 2013
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I currently use other tools for certain of my lists, but would love to have everything in Tooledo. Before I can use Toodledo lists I need a couple features already noted by others:

1) iOS support
2) Filters
3) Reset Column to unchecked

There are other things I would really like but could live without:

A few more yes/no types (you already have star & checkbox)
I find having a few more yes/no styles useful.
I have some lists that have several yes/no boxes (Ingredients Checked, Ingredients Purchased, Made, Staged, Packed).
In my travel list I have (for each item to pack) several location check boxes (beach, snow, business, camping).
It is nice to have different symbols for each checkbox.
X-Box (empty or X)
Circle (empty or filled) – A few colors would be nice.
Plus-Minus Box
Thumbs up/down
Stop/Go Circle (Red/Green)

A Three State (On, Off, N/A) type with a few icon types.
Thumbs up/down/sideways
Checkbox (Unchecked, Checked, Gray)
Stoplight (Red, Green, Yellow)

Details Columns aka invisible columns – they don’t show in the main list view, but if you click on a row icon you then see all the fields (including details). For examples I don't need to see everything about a wine in the list view, but want to see everything about the wine when I select one wine from my list.

At least one level of Outlining in Lists. I use this a lot.
For example for travel I have headers for On person, Clothing, Business Supplies, Camping, etc. I can do this with a sortindex column, but having outlining integrated with lists is very nice.

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Posted Aug 24, 2011 in: Locations: How do You use Them?
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  • mgacsaly
  • Posted: Aug 24, 2011
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I use locations as locations (work, home, grocery store, hardware store, pet store, etc.) thus when at the grocery store I can see everything I need there. Location is WHERE I am. [I do will a Toodledo location could have multiple map locations).

I use context to indicate the mode of work and equipment I need. Context is WHAT I am doing.

process - generally needs a phone and/or computer (email, surfing, call, write)

putter - things like filing, organizing, sorting, writing

errand - have to make a special trip

chore - I may sweat, something I have to do

tinker - focused working with tools, not a chore

At home (a location) I might shift contexts from chore to putter to tinker based on what I feel like doing.

I use folders to group items by project/subject/event. Folder indicates WHY I am doing something. Notebooks are associated with folders so they need to be specific enough so a notebook makes sense. (Project1, Project2, Work, Home, Family, BigParty, Vacation, Hobby1, Hobby2,...) So in the folder "Project1" I have various notebooks about the project (requirements, deliverables, etc.) Tasks relating to that project are in that folder. In the folder Home (Home is both a location and a project/folder) I have notebooks listing model numbers and serial numbers of appliances, the sizes and part numbers of filters and other replaceables, room & window sizes, paint colors, etc. Work is also both a location and a project - so general work notes and tasks go in the work folder. Notice some work related tasks might need to happen at the location Home. So project, context, and location are all different and used in different ways.

I use Tags to optionally be more specific about a context. I only do this if I may want to sort tasks by the tag/sub-context. For the Process context I have (write, call, email, surf, etc.)

I use status and priority as expected except I use negative priority tasks for items I always want to think about in a certain context or location. Like at the grocery store I always want to think about the few things we go through fast which may not be on the shopping list.

Posted Mar 24, 2011 in: Toodledo is a top iPhone/iPad app
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  • mgacsaly
  • Posted: Mar 24, 2011
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WOW - I am impressed with Toodledo!

I just got an iPhone a month ago and, due to security reasons could not sync my exchange server tasks. I carefully looked at every task management solution and actually paid for several. I had to have context and tags and a great user interface on BOTH windows and iPhone with good syncing. I was quite disappointed until I found Toodledo. It is the only product that met all my needs - then exceeded my expectations with features like locations, notebooks, and subtasks that I had only dreamed about!

You should add your LOCATION support to your comparison chart - it is a wonderful differentiating feature!

I did the free trial of the Pro subscription and was planning to subscribe to Pro - as I don't really need the Pro-Plus features. After using it a few days - you deserve the dough - I will go for the pro-plus! Still a lot cheaper than several of your competitors.

It would be nice if a location name could be associated with multiple map points (Hardware Store=Ace, HomeDepot, Etc.)

I would also like my deleted tasks kept forever - but I plan on exporting them from time to time and putting them in Dropbox as a text file.

Thanks for a great product!

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  • mgacsaly
  • Posted: Mar 22, 2011
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I agree with rtobias for the same reason.
I have maybe 4 hardwares stores, 4 grocery stores, and a few other multi-place locations. I would prefer the location object having more then one pin rather than tasks having a list of location names.

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