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Posted Jul 10, 2020 in: iOS Update - June 2020
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  • icr64
  • Posted: Jul 10, 2020
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I upgraded to the new iOS version 3.4 (5590), and like others, had none of my 8,000 entries when the upgrade was done. I had sync'd to the web just before performing the upgrade out of an abundance of caution, so I started a forced sync from web to device. I then discovered that the last sync the web had was from sometime in early May! I had been doing weekly syncs and of course the sync just before the upgrade, so imagine my dismay that all my work for two months was wiped out!

The new version is unusable and filled with bugs, a sample of which include:
Searching Tasks takes about a minute before I can even enter search text - it used to be "instantaneous".
When I start entering text, the app takes about 25s for the first letter typed to appear in the search box, and then decreasing amounts of time for each subsequent letter - it used to have no perceptible lag.
Formatting of the search results is awful, with some items partially hidden and stray lines appearing in the list.
Folders and tasks have alphabetical sorting active, but roughly 50% of the time they are in reverse order. The app flips them about after each task is opened.
Task view formatting is different and cannot be changed in the Settings - it used to be configureable.
Rotating the phone when using TD, sometimes loses a part of the screen, sometimes locks up the app. Then about a minute later, it cycles through all the orientations of the phone as if it is "catching up" with all the movement.

This is just a sample!

I have decided that even after investing a huge effort to make this my db of record for the past few years, I will abandon the app for something that actually works and keeps my data safe.

Maybe this is an indicator of how bad it is, but if you try searching for ToodleDo in the iOS app store, it doesn't even show up on the search results. Could it be you are ashamed of what you have produced in this "upgrade". Shame on you for destroying a great app in one thoughtless, careless release!

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