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Posted Oct 12, 2021 in: A Message From Jake
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Posted by Peter Scott:
As a user since before 2009, I've stuck with Toodledo because nothing else offers as dense and complete an interface to task management. I need to deal with searches that return hundreds of tasks, be able to navigate around them to do operations in bulk speedily with the keyboard shortcuts, and see dozens of them on the screen at a time with all their attributes in customizable columns to be able to manage complex lists of subtasks. Every other tool I've looked at that had the right task attributes had caught the "user friendly" bug and showed only a few tasks at a time, with few attributes and nothing like the flexibility. But hey, they had bouncy bubble gum UIs.

Thanks for keeping Toodledo the best way for people like me to get serious work done. Of course there are improvements I want, but they're not about putting some chic facade on it for people whose todo lists would fit on a whiteboard.

This is exactly why I've stuck with Toodledo for 15 years and why I'm nervous with every comment about "antiquated" interfaces and every new ownership/management change that might succumb to the temptation to turn it into just another Todoist or Asana clone.

Overpriced? Not on your life. My Toodledo subscription is worth every penny for the power and flexibility it offers. The Search tool is unparalleled, I live and die by my Saved Searches, and the subtle but important functional differences between Tags, Contexts, Folders, and Goals are critical for my work. No other tool or app comes close (and I've done an extensive search each time I got scared that Toodledo was about to "jump the shark").

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The past few days the Web app has been running/responding *extremely* slowly for me in Chrome for Windows and I have heard the laptop fan spin up while the page is sitting apparently idle (nothing else happening on my computer should be making that happen either).

I haven't inspected local storage in Chrome yet but I am wondering if this is related. It is strange because I have been using the Web app for 11 years and it has always been lightning-fast before this.

Posted Jul 24, 2018 in: Future Plans
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I use Toodledo as the "backbone" of my day-to-day professional and personal life and have for the past 9 or 10 years. I am deeply invested in it and have dabbled with many other tools but I keep coming back to this one.

While my instinct is to beg "please don't change anything", I have to admit I have been very pleased with all of the incremental changes and improvements that I have seen over the years as a TD user.

I guess my biggest concern is whether the future roadmap will continue to evolve along the needs of power users and keep to a "first, don't break anything" principle. Knowing that Jake was a user himself, I felt a high level of trust that he would keep the system stable while rolling out new features.

I would charge the new owners to use - and depend on - Toodledo themselves as much as possible. (Love or hate Basecamp, you have to admire and respect the fact that the Basecamp team uses Basecamp to build and improve Basecamp. I think that model would be great here too).

I've been attracted to "pretty" desktop and mobile apps, but even the ones I've tried that sync with Toodledo don't match Toodledo's native features and granularity, and some detail is usually lost when syncing to those. Now that the new web interface runs "offline" in Chrome and Safari (and I haven't tried other browsers), to me, it can't be beat - the web app to me is as good as a desktop app (I recently did extensive work out of Toodledo in an offline browser on a 12-hour international flight without WiFi/Internet access and it worked perfectly).

My one long-time feature request? In the Toodledo iOS app, the default search looks for the search text in both the task title and Notes fields simultaneously. I find this tremendously useful! It is annoying to have to do a search twice (once on Title and once on Notes) in the web app to get the same functionality; is it possible to add a "Title+Notes" search field/context to the Web app? If so I would love this and everything else is working great for me!

I know it's not realistic to ask for nothing to change. In reality, Toodledo has been in a constant state of change (for the better) since I started using it. Hopefully that trend will continue and the new owners will be good stewards of the technology and the dedicated user community and embrace a "first do no harm" approach to updates.

(Just re-upped for another year of Platinum this morning...will be cautiously and carefully watching developments and warily shopping for alternatives, although I don't expect to find one that I can adopt without significant compromises)

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In the new layout, I am not able to find an option to name a saved search. I can still do it through the old interface using the Save As button.

Is there a Save As function for Saved Searches in the new layout? So far I am able to create and save them within the new layout, and I can modify previously named/saved ones, but the new ones seem to always save as "Untitled" unless I create them in the old layout.

Thanks! Love the new layout so far, I have updated my bookmarks to use it by default!

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I just re-tested this today using the ICS Live Events feed option.

Subscribed via Outlook 2013: tasks with Start or Due dates (but no times) show up as timed events at midnight on the day in question
Subscribed via Google Calendar: tasks with Start or Due dates (but no times) show up as all-day events
Subscribed via iOS Calendar: tasks with Start or Due dates (but no times) show up as all-day events

bengt mansson seems to have found the fix: Toodledo's export needs to show the DTEND;VALUE=DATE one day later than the DTSTART;VALUE=DATE to be interpreted correctly by Outlook, most likely

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I have Start Time and Due Time disabled in my Toodledo tasks and none of my tasks have times associated with them (as far as I know). I also do not use the Length field.

When I use the Events ICS feed to read my tasks into my Outlook 2013 on my work computer, all of the Toodledo tasks are showing up with a time of midnight rather than showing up as all-day events. I'd prefer them to read as all-day for visibility. According to the help text on the ICS feed configuration page, this is what is supposed to happen to tasks that have no times or Length information associated with them.

Interestingly, when I import this same feed into the calendar on my iPhone, the Toodledo items DO show up as all-day events.

Is anyone aware of any preferences/settings in Outlook 2013 that affect how the Outlook calendar interprets/displays ICS items with dates but no times associated? Toodledo support already confirmed that my account and data are OK on their end but they are Mac users so they don't have any testbed to play around with Outlook/Windows settings.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!!!!

Posted Feb 29, 2012 in: Set Negative Priority via email?
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Hi all,

I know you can set a Priority level of 1 through 5 when emailing a task into TD by using a ! symbol, so !!! for 3 or !!!!! for 5.

Does anyone know a syntax that will set the Priority to Negative (-1) when emailing a task? I often collect by emailing myself from my phone and try to aggressively collect stuff to my Someday/Maybe category (which I use -1 Priority to represent). I can often identify these items right at the point of collection - if I could include this syntax in the email submission then I could save myself an extra couple steps and clicks later on.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to do this!

Posted Feb 29, 2012 in: Create new blank task from any view?
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I often appreciate the fact that when I add a new task, it is automatically associated with the view currently displayed - it inherits the Star, Tag, Context, or whatever other screen I'm viewing when I enter it.

However, it would be really helpful to have a "clean add" function that opens a completely blank task so that I can capture something unrelated that I think of while working from a particular Context or Tag list.

Posted Feb 29, 2012 in: Toodledo Redesign - July 2011 - Part 3
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I'd like to add yet another voice to the chorus asking for the ability to sort tags alphabetically!!! I use them religiously but I find that the Tags view is almost impossible to use when it sorts by number of tagged items because I don't work through my tags in that order - I often need to "jump" to a specific one and it's hard to hunt for it in a long list!

FWIW, the iOS app already sorts tags alphabetically by default and it is an absolute godsend to be able to do this! However, it's a bit of a speed-bump when I'm working at the desk and have to switch from the computer and whip out the phone to find the tag list and figure out how many items are in it, so I can find it faster on the Web browswer view.

This is my ONLY gripe about Toodledo functionality! Everything else about it works like a charm!!!!