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Posted Mar 12, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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"Action Lists" is currently working well for me. Syncs up folders, status and contexts. Expensive app and iPad version is even more but I will be using it until they can fix this one or offer a classic version.

Posted Mar 07, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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Assuming we are stuck with this new version I have 2 requests...

1) Loose the blue banner at the top. It looks desperate and this is not what people meant when they said the app needs color.

2) Make all the buttons on the left side the same large size like "all tasks, hotlist" buttons (plenty of real estate to fit 'em)

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Posted Mar 03, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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Did I miss a response about continuing to make available the previous version of the app in the App Store as "TD Classic"??? I have been keeping up with this forum and saw many ask but do not see anything from the devs. I don't know all the App Store rules, etc. so please let me know why this is impractical for you.

Posted Feb 28, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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Posted by f_murray:
So, at the end of the day, still nothing resolved. My latest version that I paid for and have a Pro subscription for WILL NOT RUN on my iPad 2. At all!!! just freezes. I have done all that I was told - reboot, reinstall, close all other apps, etc but to no avail. I have no choice but to let my Pro subscription lapse and move onto another App the will work. Truly, I am fed up.

I'm no dev but for those who are having iPad issues:

Purge all local data (I would disable sync first as a precaution)
open app - still freezing? If so, then there is probably a deeper problem. If not, it's something about the data making it freeze.

If the sync data is making it freeze:
make sure the fields used in the app are setup exactly like you have them online in your browser. (I remember syncing years ago with some android apps where there would be issues if the fields used didn't match)

My complete procedure would be:

Disable sync (remove username and password under sync settings)
Purge all data
Close app and kill all apps from multitasking tray
Reboot (very important to reboot after uninstall to clear cache)
Turn off auto lock (Settings > General > Auto Lock > Never)
Set up fields in app exactly as you have them online
Set up sync
Start sync, leave screen on and go make lunch (kill 20 minutes)

If all else fails, keep the subscription and check out "2do". Nice layout and syncs well with Toodledo.

If you have jailbreak you can check out iCleaner to clear all temp cache data. It's helped me before with crashing apps.

I have not been the most gentle in my critiques and I know that many of us are coming across as harsh and threatening because we want action but, these guys do not deserve to loose (too much) business here. The iOS app is a small part of what is still the best task management solution out there.

If you want to find another service you can click on Jake's name and go to a list of his posts; one of them is a (public, open to user edits) gdrive spreadsheet listing direct comparison to most of their competitors.

Posted Feb 27, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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As I browse every other task management app in the app store it is obvious why there has been such an uprising. They all look and feel quite similar (so does the previous 3.0.1 version of this app). It's a look and feel that we are all used to and it is the reason why we use iOS. I encourage the devs to look at Things, Wunderlist, Nozbe, ToDo... I admit that I'm a total geek when it comes to mobile computing but this app now looks like something I would find on Android (or windows XP); not to say that Android is terrible but, when designing an app I think it is important to tailor it to the OS and not try to have one design that fits onto all OS's.

Posted Feb 26, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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Posted by tgoins:
Does anyone know how long Version 3.0.1 will be supported? I haven't upgrade or maybe better said "down-graded" up to 3.0.2 yet and soundfs like I had better not, at least not yet.

Inevitably an iOS update will break compatibility with the app but it is impossible to say when.

The website may stop syncing properly with 3.0.1 in the future but only Jake or a Toodle-dev can answer that (Jake?)

For now I would recommend:

1. Open iTunes
2. Go to Apps page
3. Find Toodledo
4. Right click and select option to view in explorer (Windows)
5. Copy the .ipa to your desktop or somewhere safe in case you ever accidentally update and need to revert

Posted Feb 26, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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Posted by f_murray:
The question still remains - is anything being done about this flawed update?

Yes. They are posting more 4 and 5 star reviews in the app store to compete with the real world users who are giving it 1 star. Check it out; reviews are pouring in raving about the new interface. Fix the app, not your app store rating.

I just bought the $5.00 app "Todo" (mostly out of principal) and it seems to sync pretty well and it looks and feels like an iOS app. It has terrible reviews right now (also) because they dropped support for Outlook syncing on Windows but that is not a requirement for me. To be honest, I prefer the 2.0 (or 3.0.1) version of the official Toodledo app over Todo so downgrading was still the best option for me right now.

Posted Feb 26, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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I have been a Pro Subscriber for years. This app update is the only thing that has ever made me consider switching services. I frequently switch between folders and contexts, etc. and now instead of a typical height list item on my iphone, I have a short row that upon clicking gives me my frequent choices only and if I want to see them all in 1 click, I have to click a tiny blue arrow. FULL HEIGHT LIST ITEM -vs- TINY BLUE CIRCLE THE SIZE OF A LOWERCASE LETTER "o" . I told the dev that I tried the new version when it came out (before it was reverted) and hated it; He said I should keep using the new design and hopefully it would grow on me. I use Toodledo to manage my company - not to go shopping or keep track of my favorite movies. The app was perfect and this dev is obviously doing nothing more than justifying his job, and screwing up an app that people depend on. Someone get these guys a jailbroken iphone and let them make some themes. LASTLY, if you are going to offer a paid subscription service, maybe you should have beta tested and let your paying customers decide if the changes are acceptable or even needed. I will be cancelling my Pro subscription if this is app is not reverted to the old design even if that means manually re-entering hundreds of tasks into a new system.

P.S. The fake reviews in the app store are not fooling anyone.