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Posted Nov 06, 2018 in: Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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Tried clickup for a month or two but it just wouldn't click. There's also no functionality to email in a task, which I sorely missed.

Someone mentioned and I've now fully made the switch. It's on all my devices (mac, windows and iphone) and it just feels really nice and clean. Premium is under $28 / year and I only really needed that for the Windows desktop app.

Have taken the opportunity to sort through my tasks in the move. At first I was frustrated at the acquisition, but now I'm glad the pricing increase and changes pushed me to make the move.

I don't really like advertising a product on the forum of another, but the absolute plethora of to-do apps makes it impossible to try them all so this thread has been really helpful.

Posted Oct 26, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 4)
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I'm really surprised by the number of people that seem to use the Add button. I've always used the Quick Add functionality and only recently discovered the Add button (as part of discussions on the forum)!

Posted Sep 30, 2015 in: New Icons
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I just wanted to add my voice here too as I am also loving all the new changes!!!

Posted Sep 15, 2014 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Posted by Chris:

2) Entering tasks: I would like to see the “quick add” feature updated to use the add-task-by-email syntax. That would mean I could get tasks where I want them much much faster

This is a fantastic idea! I would love to see this too

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Posted by rdesai:
even better would be if there was a way that a "To do" in Evernote automatically creates a task in TD - similar to how Tasks are created from MS one note to Outlook.

I know this is probably too much to ask for - but it would make the two best systems integrated.

This is EXACTLY what I am after. It's probably teh only thing that has impressed me about OneNote that I wish I could do with Evernote and Toodledo.