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Posted Dec 12, 2012 in: Toodledo for iOS downgraded
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  • lflorack
  • Posted: Dec 12, 2012
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Although I really appreciate the fact that you're listning to your customer base and I'm sure I'm in the minority, I really liked the new version much better on the iPad. The iPhone version, although not as good as on the iPad, was better for me also.

So, I will not be updating to a newer version until later. How much later, I'm unsure of right now.

Posted Sep 07, 2012 in: Collaboration Improvements
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  • lflorack
  • Posted: Sep 07, 2012
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Posted by daniel:
[quote]Posted by Toodledo:

<DIV class=quote>@letitviv1
1) This is intentional. It will not be possible to share a subtask with someone who is not also sharing the parent. Subtasks go with their parent.

this seems counterintuitive to me. I have many parent tasks that are made of several subtasks. I want my assistant to do one of them, but not all. some subtasks are clearly my responsibility, and some are clearly hers, but they belong to the same parent. how do you suggest we handle that? the idea is to not clutter up her list with subtasks that she need not be aware of. please reconsider this "feature."[/quote]

Let me add my support for this change. I have a number of people working on particular projects (parent tasks). Each person works on just their task or tasks and I manage/contribute as needed -- shifting tasks as skills and time mandate. It is neither useful nor desireable to have the entire project task listed in each subordinate's task list.

BTW, thanks for a great product and the continuing improvements.

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