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Posted Dec 20, 2021 in: AMA / Ask me Anything
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Hi dear owners. My main concern is a decent export tool that would allow me to back up my tasks and especially my notes. I have about 3,500 notes in Toodledo. They are very dear to me and I would sleep better if I had a PDF version of them. I don’t want to import them anywhere else, but I want them to survive the next 30, 40 years. Kind regards, Jan from Berlin

Posted Feb 27, 2017 in: Backup file bigger than 5MB
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I'm doing a backup every few weeks. As I'm using Toodledo a lot my backup files are getting bigger and bigger, currently 6.6 MB. In case anything goes wrong Toodledo says I can only upload 5 MB in order to restore my account. What to do with bigger backup files?
Kind regards, Jan