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Using Toodledo on my browser in safari on my mac, it seems that I cannot edit the due date for a list of tasks through Batch-edit any more.

I use to do the following

1. Do an advanced search in order to select tasks based on their due date
2. Use Batch)edit to set a new due date for the tasks in the list.
3. Check the results by displaying all tasks

The result was that the due date of all the tasks listed in the search list were duly updated.

For a couple of days, it does not work anymore. When I try to check the results, it appears that no due dates were modified. I do not think I changed anything in my settings in Toodledo. I am using the free subscription. I suspect this is a new bug. Any hint ?

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Also happens on IOS 7.1.2 on my Iphone 4. Related to the last version of toodledo on IOS (3.2.9). I use the silver subscription, and in my opinion, this kind of bug is difficult to tolerate for this time of application, at least not one one pay for it. I am expecting a very quick fix.

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In toodledo for IOS, version 3.2.9, which is today the most current version, the tasks scheduled for today are displayed as being scheduled in the past, and tasks scheduled for tomorrow are displayed as being scheduled for today. I think this is related to the current version, I upgraded today, and I did not previously noticed this issue, while using Toodledo on a permanent base, very frequently.

Any hint ?