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  • theclapp
  • Posted: May 26, 2011
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1) Smarter advanced search: If I'm in a folder looking for stuff and can't find it (or find too much), and click the "advanced search" link, the search is empty. Why not populate it by default with whatever you were seeing before?

Example: I'm in my work folder, filtering by tags "hr" and "waiting". If I click on "advanced search", shouldn't the search be pre-populated with "folder = work" and "tags = hr or waiting"?

2) Multi-edit from any list: if you want to change several tasks (or even just 2) at a time, you have to search. Instead of searching, can you select tasks from the current view and then edit all of them?

The only way I can see to simulate this is to "star" the tasks you want from the current list, search for all starred tasks, and multi-edit them there. (You can't even star them and then go to the Main->Starred list, because you can only multi-edit from the Search tab.)


In a way these two requests are the same thing in different ways. If you have some view of tasks and you clicked on "advanced search" and got the same set of tasks, you could multi-edit them there. OR, if you could multi-edit anywhere, then you wouldn't have to go to the search screen.

Disclaimer / information: I'm new to Toodledo, from RTM. I imported 70-odd tasks from RTM and am now struggling to categorize them. Possibly the use-case I'm trying to optimize is not a problem for long-time Toodledo users, 'cause they're there already.