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Posted Jul 12, 2010 in: iPhone app version 2.0.2
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Just noticed the same issue as gerelee - my recurring tasks aren't showing up in my Hotlist on the main web site, but show up in ToDo on my iphone, as well as in the Toodledo Chrome plugin...

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My personal opinion, YMMV:
Also, you're asking for more info than I can provide, so maybe the other posts can fill in the blanks that I can't comment on.

Note: What's UT?

Toodledo's app & Todo are rock solid; I've never had them crash. I tried the PI app (Lite version), and found it way too cumbersome, and when adding my first task, it crashed. Delete.

Features: most practical/usable:
Todo's quick-entry is beyond good. The app is quick, is updated regularly, and interface is top-knotch.

Out the longest:
I think Todo, but I'm not sure.

Best Support:
I haven't asked for support on any of these apps, but I would guess it's a tie; Todo's google group is always answered by the developers, while so is Toodledo's forum.

For me, Todo is the best all-around app to interface with Toodledo, in my opinion. The user interface is beautiful, date selection is great, it sync's quickly and reliably (recent toodledo outage notwithstanding).

In case it matters, I "basically" follow GTD, but am not rigid about it, and have no problem postponing tasks.

Hmm: Todo doesn't sync "stars" but I don't use them so don't care. Maybe you do...

Good luck - I'm curious to hear what others have to say.

Posted Oct 31, 2008 in: Toodledo on the iPhone
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I'd like to second swgroot's request. Auto-filling fields would be a huge time saver.

I wouldn't mind asking that even the date default to "Today." It would skip a step for everything I want to do today. It wouldn't hurt anyone wanting to have a future date since they'll have to go in and change it anyway. Maybe that could be added to the settings or something.

Love the app by the way...

Posted Oct 30, 2008 in: Can't get it to work with
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I love!

I think your problem would be solved by this:
1. Go to Preferences.
2. Go to Advanced.
3. Select: Allow browsing to any URL.

And for added bonus, select Appearance, and choose HUD (Black) for your Window Style. Of course, I just happen to like the dark appearance.

Anyway, steps 1-3 should solve your problem.

Posted Sep 30, 2008 in: Updates to Notebook
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Uh... Nevermind. Sorry about that - should have looked harder.

Posted Sep 30, 2008 in: Updates to Notebook
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Nice - the changes are great!

I hope I'm in the right place to ask - have you guys thought about implementing a search box for the notebook?

Either way - combined with Appigo's notebook, this is really a nice feature. I've started using it to keep meeting notes...

Posted Sep 11, 2008 in: Update View
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Thanks for the comment John.

Being partial to keyboard shortcuts, I found that by simply hitting the "3" key (the number of my tab with due dates) refreshed the screen.


Posted Sep 10, 2008 in: Update View
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Hi everyone,

I'm new, and slowly but surely getting used to this application, which I too am using with Appligo's Todo app on the iphone - a combination I am really happy with.

My question is this: Is there a way to "Update" the display of tasks, preferably using a shortcut key?

For example, if I check off a few items, I don't want to see them anymore. At this point, I only know to click Refresh in my browser. Is that how everyone else does it?

Just checking to see if there wasn't a faster way to update a view that I was on.