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  • FinnMK
  • Posted: Apr 21, 2016
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Thanks, Jake, for responding to Yugi_oh's question. If I may add my five cents, task dependency would not only benefit a minority of power users, but it could prove a great addition for a majority. It's quite natural to enter tasks that are part of a project but can only be completed if a condition is met. (We want these from our mind just like the onces that can be completed at once.) This is more likely the rule than the exception. If I nest these as subtasks, they still show up in the scheduler, a tool I love for low energy days where even deciding where to start ist difficult. It's frustrating to see tasks that I can't start doing at the present stage.

Real non-power-users are very likely content with the task feature of outlook or another software they already have. We toodledo users are a bunch who are interested in simple but sophisticated features. Dependency would fit perfectly. And the app would not have to be developed into a full fledged project management tool. A simple start-finish type dependency feature would do. For me, at least.