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Posted Nov 27, 2021 in: Formats
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Can I add any formatting, bold or underline to my Notes?

Posted Jul 10, 2020 in: Outstanding Issues with New iOS Update
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Posted by mlb32704:
This is a running list of issues that I have encountered since the latest iOS update:

- With a lot of trial and error, I was able to sort my tasks correctly again. I sort by tags within dates. However, every time that I enter or exit the Toodledo iOS application, the application resorts my tasks incorrectly. So I have to literally select "Sort", then open the 1st sorting criteria and hit done, each and every time, to get the tasks to display correctly. Right now, this is my top issue, and it is forcing me to temporarily use the Toodledo Web page on my iPhone instead of this newly updated iOS app.

- Under each task there is now a huge amount of empty space for an attached note. This is useless and distracting.

- Nagging red icon under Settings to buy a subscription? No thanks. How do I get rid of it?

- All notes have a huge amount of space in the actual note contents before any actual words, but when I click on the note to delete the extra space, in edit mode, the note looks fine. It just displays outside of edit mode with the space, there is no way to fix this.

- Some tasks are shaded in blue, others are white. No rhyme or reason no pattern it makes no sense and it is very distracting.

- Sorting in Notes is broken...alphabetically my notes now run A-Z, with all of my notes that start with lower case letters (i.e. eBay, iPhone, etc.) at the end of the list. Like the major Tasks sorting issue that I previously mentioned, the Notes display incorrectly until I tap on the first sort criteria, which I have to do each and every time that I enter or exit the Notes section of the iOS app. But unlike Tasks sorting, I cannot get those lower case letter items to display in correct order, even after I have updated the sort criteria.

- Specific Repeat information (e.g. Daily, Every Monday, etc.) has disappeared from individual Task items, I have to select a Task to see that detail.

These are additional issues that my wife has encountered:

- Hundreds of old tasks got added to the app that she’s going to have to review and work through
- App is not syncing with tasks beyond today.
- No folders for tasks in the app.
- No notes synced in the app.

And now, the soap box speech....

I have been using Toodledo for 15 years give or take. I use it for the basics, but my wife and I depend on those basics in terms of organizing and managing our daily lives. This is by far the worst iOS app update that I have ever seen. I have been somewhat removed from these forums for a while, but I am absolutely shocked at the number and extent of complaints from users both new and old, as well as the complete lack of response from Toodledo to these issues. I have been mostly happy with Toodledo throughout the years, and I've never had a reason to shop around until now. The fact is that Toodledo no longer shows up in casual Google searches for the "best task manager", or "best GTD application" or even "best task list". It was hard dealing with Jake, but Jake cared both personally and professionally about Toodledo and its customers, he listened and responded to issues, and took action across a wide range of customer needs versus wants. I just don't see any of this happening from Toodledo anymore, and I'm concerned that this might be the beginning of the end. Which is a shame, because the legacy of this app and its customer base is really something special, I would hate to continue seeing it go in the direction that it is going.

I do come from an IT background, but it doesn't take an IT person or rocket scientist to understand the basics here - you've got to thoroughly test an application update before even thinking about releasing it to the general public. And you never ever do an update like this without advanced notice to the customer base, and you never ever do it on a holiday weekend. That's just basic common sense.

Bottom line - this new update is an unmitigated disaster.

Oh and the Apple Watch app? The one that we've been waiting on for years? It's beyond useless. Who needs a running list of their Hotlist items, which you have to click on individually to get minimal data about? It looks awful, and provides little value. We've all waited a long time for the new Watch app to happen, we can wait a little longer. Back to the drawing board on that one, maybe put it on the back burner of priorities until you get these iOS update issues squared away.

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I have activated 2 Step Activation twice. Each time after I do so successfully it appears in my settings as DISABLED. Not sure why it won't stay as activated.