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Posted May 12, 2013 in: iOS App Version 3.0.5
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Same incorrect password issue here, the "kill the app" thing worked for me as well, but then again today had to do it again (it worked again).

On a completely unrelated note, one thing that has bugged me for quite awhile (this isn't new with version 3.05 or even 3.01) -- I have a pin set up for my iPhone app, and frequently when I start to key in my password, it locks up, and will not accept any more input from the keypad -- can't backspace and start over, can't do anything except use the main button to exit toodledo, and then come back in, and re-enter my pin.

Really looking forward to a bug-fix for the password thing -- if I keep having to re-enter my password every couple days, it's going to get old quick (I have a long / randomly generated password, so I have to look it up and carefully enter it each time)