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Tim Glinatsis

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+1 for the original request.

We are SOOO close to being perfect here. It's super useful that we can now click on a task to add a subtask to it, but now we need to be able to choose a task as a master when we add one (i.e. add a sub-task, and specify the parent) via the new task dialog.

Pretty, pretty please. :)
Tim Glinatsis

Posted Jun 06, 2010 in: Add Sub-Task
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Guys, seriously...

If you search the forums, one of the most requested features (next to Projects) is the ability to add a sub-task without dragging and dropping something into a particular task. Every time it's come up, it's noted as a "great suggestion" and something "we're trying to find a solution for."

If I create a new task and need to add a sub-task, the functionality that exists for existing parent tasks should at LEAST be there for that task. My list has over 100 tasks in it...dragging and dropping things around is impractical.

OR - how about this for even better - create projects.

OR - a reasonable compromise - add a "parent task" drop down field to each new task, that lets you make it a sub-task of an existing task.

Seriously, I'd bet that the majority of your users are GTD users...this stuff is important to us.
Tim Glinatsis

Posted May 06, 2010 in: Good Bye from Proximo
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The reasons that Proximo has left are the same reasons that I left...'cept I landed with Vitalist, and not Nirvana (even though I see Proximo over on the Nirvana forums quite a bit).

Projects. It's about projects.

Fix the projects thing, and I'm back on Toodledo in a flash. Until then, all these kludgy workarounds for projects are just simply insufficient.
Tim Glinatsis

Posted Apr 09, 2009 in: Offline access via Google Gears ?
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I'm also checking in every few weeks for Gears...
Tim Glinatsis

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And also, Gears. :P
Tim Glinatsis

Posted Jul 14, 2008 in: Jott interoperability
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I'm actually a big fan of the Jott integration here. I was hoping that my setting my default context to "inbox," that all incoming Jotts would show up under that context. Instead, they're coming under "No Context."

Is there a workaround for this? I would expect that anything that comes in *without* a context specified would end up in the inbox, per the default setting...but it's just not the case for me.

Any thoughts?

(PS - Toodledo is seriously rocking my GTD world right now. Kudos.)