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Jim Thomure

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I've used Toodledo on and off over the last several years ..... off during the recent rough patches of development and support.

However, I am encouraged by the recent ownership change and the "hit the ground running" approach by the new team. I just re-subscribed to the standard plan, as much as anything to show support for the new folks doing all they can to bring Toodledo back to being an indispensable tool to help people increase their productivity.

Toodledo continues to have features I don't see (at least not readily) in other task managers. It's just dead on simple to categorize and slice and dice my To Do's to focus on certain tasks. Toodledo has always been "intuitively obvious" ..... Life is too complex to have to spend a lot of figuring out the nuances of a more complex tool .... a "to do list" needs to be simple and flexible.

All the best to the new team at Toodledo!