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Marc Levoy

Posted Jul 18, 2020 in: iOS Update - June 2020
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None of these fixes are working on my iPad (running 13.5.1). I can delete and re-install Toodledo (version 3.4.1), then force Toodledo-to-device sync, but this crashes just before finishing, or sometimes it finishes correctly, but if I terminate and re-launch the app, it displays the splash screen for 30 seconds, then crashes, and any attempt to re-launch the app insta-crashes the same way. It works on my iPhone, Android phone, and Mac, but not my iPad. Please advise. (Another way to say this is that it launches and works exactly once, after re-installing and force-syncing, then not again unless I again re-install.)

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Marc Levoy

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I would like to upgrade my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 3GS.
However, while Toodledo's iPhone app appears to be
OS 3.0-compatible, the app doesn't support access to
Toodledo notebooks, and the alternative - Appigo's Notebook,
doesn't appear to be 3.0-compatible (yet). Thus, it would
appear that if I depend on notebooks, I can't buy an iPhone 3GS!
Am I right? If so, then is there a workaround?

-Marc Levoy
Stanford University