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Posted Jan 12, 2009 in: iPhone App Updated to 1.3
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  • Kevin
  • Posted: Jan 12, 2009
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Posted by tsinvest:
Hi Gentlemen and Ladies,

The upgrade is great! Many of the above post covered things I won't repeat. One missing feature, however, that I feel is important is to have a drop down selection for a list of "user created" tags. The way the program is now there is no uniformity to tags. One has to remember what tags they used in the past to be consistent - a user drop down list would solve this problem. Hope you could implement this feature.

Thank you and keep up the great programming!

I second tsinvest's suggestion for a drop-down list for tags. This is something I've become very used to in testing Things on the Mac. I tend to focus on just 10 tags anyway, and having to type them every time in Toodledo is a pain (especially on the iPhone).