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Posted Oct 21, 2018 in: Future Plans
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Unfortunately for me, my current subscription expires in February so I need to make a decision about what will replace Toodledo, not whether it is replaced.

$60/year is too high for a to do list application, not matter how much I have relied on Toodledo over the years. Decisions like this are not made in a vacuum - subscriptions for note taking software, antivirus, tax and other SAS apps add up. A separate to-do list app is the least important.

I am also concerned about the viability of the company. Toodledo will certainly lose some subscribers. How many is the real question and whether they can keep enough at the higher price to increase revenue.

It will also be a hard sell to get 'free' users to convert at the higher price when there are alternatives at a more reasonable $25-$30 per year.

Keep the Silver price at $30/year and $25/year with a 2+ year subscription and I would gladly pay. I always thought Toodledo was priced too low from a business perspective.

The hoopla from new management when ownership changed hands was short-lived. They should have just said things will change on pricing.