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I also left and came back to Toodledo, but this time simplified my approach.

I learned from Todo.txt ( the art of putting contexts and project words or tags within the same field/line of the task item and then using search which is available in every text file and every spreadsheet or database and Toodledo. In this way, I can even have a task assigned to more than one context (eg, shop, computer for online shopping, or, family, birthday for my sister's birthday. And then there is no fiddling with other fields or third party views.

Toodledo search is fantastic!

The exception to this is if I want to use pocketmod - I then populate the folders as needed for that.

And, I love the Toodledo calendar - I hardly ever go to Google cal anymore. One click and I have agenda view of 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, sorted, or not.

I do put a 2 letter abbreviation at the beginning of each task and have the default sort be alphabetical. (eg.k, "FI pay bills" and "FI sort receipts" = finance section of my list. That is easier than folders for me.

I did not like the idea of on big text file as ToDo.txt users promote because I could not find a good cloud/mobile interface to it. Otherwise, I use most of those ideas.

I also use the star sort of like my 'critical' list as mentioned by Lindenburger. It is so easy to sort by and toggle on/off.

I experimented with the Q trick ( That works really well!

Best wishes to all for happy new year with joyful simplicity!