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I am definitely aware of the future filter, as well as the completed task filter.

However, I didn't realize that they aren't universal settings. In other words, when I turned those filters off, I thought they stayed off even as I changed views. Not true, I discovered. Thus, I thought the filters were off when in fact they were on, which is why I thought some tasks vanished.

Thanks for the assistance and especially to Jake who got the privilege of dealing with my struggles via a support ticket.

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I'm experiencing something odd; it may or may not be related to this. Basically, repeating tasks are acting in a bizarre manner, with start and due dates not getting extended as they should.

Example: Create a task to repeat daily from completion date, with a "start date" of today (12/25) and a "due date" of 12/27. When I click the "complete" box and reload the screen, it moved the start date to 12/24 and the due date to 12/26 -- a day EARLIER instead of a day later. It also generated a completed task, as it should.

So far, I've tested this with repeats daily, every week, and every two weeks, always with "From Completion". All act strangely. Various combinations of start/due dates behave differently, all after completing a task. The problem occurs in both the web version and the iOS app.

If you create a task with "Start date" and "Due Date" as today's date, and "repeat daily from completion", it works as expected when you complete the task. However, if both are set for "tomorrow", completing the task doesn't change either of them.

Maybe it's me and holiday Egg Nog, but I've been a paid Toodledo user for years and I don't remember things working this way. If I'm somehow off, I apologize.

Anyone else seeing this?

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OK, that's very helpful.

Just FYI, the parents and subtasks that I referenced were all in the same folder, but there were subtasks with higher importance levels than the associated parent. And, in one case, it looks like it put everything under the Parent's importance level even though there were subtasks of much higher importance. But, in any event, I'm not sure it's worth trying to figure it out, and knowing that it's a "known issue" is helpful.

Thanks again!

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I apologize if this question has been answered; I searched high and low but couldn't find anything about it.

I'm completely confused as to how "Importance" is calculated for a parent task and subtasks, particularly when one is viewing tasks with a primary sort by importance level.

I have two parent tasks in a single folder, one parent task called "Travel" and one "Photography". Each of these tasks have a few subtasks with varying start/end dates and priorities. When I look at them (indented) within that folder view, which has a primary sort by Importance, they both show up under the heading "Importance Level: 3".

However, if I then switch over to view my Hotlist, the "Photography" task and subtasks all appear under "Importance Level: 5" while the "Travel" tasks and subtasks appear under level 4.

That confuses me -- why should the importance be any different simply because of the particular view I'm using? Clearly, I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to be a "Debbie Downer" here, but I'm going to be a little more blunt: I absolutely HATE the update. Like Apple Maps and "The New Coke," they took a terrific product and broke it.

Others have mentioned font size, being unable to "turn off" features that take up screen real estate, and I want to second all of that. I want to add that the new UI is problematic not just because it "doesn't look good," but the choice of colors makes it just plain hard to read. "Medium Grey" letters over a "slightly less medium grey" background? Or, my favorite, white lettering over a light grey background? And, why do you choose those hard-to-differentiate foreground/background colors for your smallest fonts? (e.g., look at the dates at the bottom of a "Task Details" page).

I hope that the developers put together a way to revert to the previous version. I guess I'm now officially a former ToodleDo fanboy.