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Daan Josephus Jitta

Posted Aug 19, 2010 in: Parent Tasks in Search Views
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I really like to have this too!!!

I want to use Parent tasks to structure a long list of tasks, to prevent them from being sorted on due date only. The parents help me to keep related items together with an appropriate heading (that might be more visible on screen and in print, by the way).

But the parent tasks only show up when they are matched by the search criteria. In Indented mode, I think this is wrong. For any matched subtask, the parent task should be shown as well.

I do not see an easy work-around here. If I want to ensure the parents are matched as well (e.g. by adding a dedicated tag), the parents will also show up when there are no subtasks matching, causing my output to show empty sections.

With respect to implementation. This might become an option, either in Account Settings or as an additional Search Phrase one can add when creating a (Saved) Search.

I'll also create a Support Request covering this.

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