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Charles Rashall

Posted Dec 14, 2020 in: Removing Column from View
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Thank you Laurence! Will check it now.
Charles Rashall

Posted Dec 09, 2020 in: Removing Column from View
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Hi, checked prior answers and can't find clear direction on how to remove columns from view that aren't being used, i.e. don't use "Goals" "Context" or "Location". Any help much appreciated. Thanks
Charles Rashall

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HI all,

Trying to find a way to submit a feature request, and also contact TD???
Can't find any "contact us" form or resource to reach TD folks directly, other than these forums.


Account Status
- my account status (says upgrade expired, but believe it was recently renewed)

Feature Request
- ability to shift / re-order the columns of content on the todo list, and or narrow / collapse fields so can see what need to...right now, anything on the right hand side of the screen is out of view, i.e. item, due date, folder, priority, status, etc....THIS SEEMS TO BE A FAIRLY IMPORTANT AND USEFUL FEATURE, yes?

Thanks all!