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Posted Oct 06, 2020 in: We’re Back
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  • Stephen
  • Posted: Oct 06, 2020
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Thanks Ummagumma for the information regarding TickTick owner address. I assumed this but did not know for sure. As I am not using attachments a lot, I think TickTick is okay for my work.
I will also check the TD forum, at least for a while...

Posted by Ummagumma:
We’ve discussed TickTick here a few years ago. The domain owner address was registered in mainland China, the headquarters were, supposedly, in Hong Kong (which is still China), and they claimed that the foreign (or perhaps just American) users’ data was stored on the servers located in the US. Which means nothing when the people with access to these servers are in China.

So, I could not use TT, as I am dealing with some proprietary business data for work, and use attachments a lot.

I am using my own system that’s very simple and centered around due dates and plaintext tags. So far, it’s been working ok.

Can’t give up on TD forum yet...

Posted Oct 03, 2020 in: We’re Back
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  • Stephen
  • Posted: Oct 03, 2020
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I'm gone, goodbye Toodledo and R.I.P.

I'm also a long-time user, since 2008, and finally also pulled the plug. I want to give some thoughs to other TD users.

I am sorry for quitting TD as it has still the best GTD coverage on the market but I have lost all faith in the management and technical capabilities of the current team.

A short look at the history and how things got worse over time
* cost increase: the subscription cost was longtime USD 14.99 per year for the silver subscription, then rose in 2018 to 19.99 and when Aaron came as new CEO he introduced new plans, resulting in a yearly cost for the new standard subscription of 35.88 (which comes closest to the former silver subs). For this cost increase I would have expected at least a technical refresh of the apps, but nothing happened, the improvements stopped.
* communications became poor to nonexistent
* For 3 years there was no update (apart from a website refresh) and then the 2 iOS updates 3.4 and 3.4.1 in June/July 2020 were full of bugs and seemed widely untested, no bugfix since then and no reaction to users who recommended a fallback to the stable version 3.3.10
* According to many forum entries there are also problems with subscription renewals

That was too much for me as I rely on such a tool. I started looking for alternatives.

When it was clear to me that I will get away from TD, it took me 3 evenings to migrate
* day 1: evaluated key alternatives (see at the end of this post)
* day 2: tested migration and look-and-feel of ticktick
* day 3: migrated to ticktick, set up tags for GTD status
* posted a feature request to support GTD status
* After 7 days I was very happy with ticktick, although I miss the other key GTD features like context, location and star. But they provide many other features supporting task handling and overview. And the handling as such is much more modern and easy-going.
* After 10 days I do not want to go back anymore.

One last wish and one last statement
* I only wish that a new management team takes over and does a real and tested upgrade and technical refresh.
* The current team ruined a great application, it's a shame! Just hand over to a more capable crew and then get lost and never come back!

Alternatives I checked and my impressions
* RTM: very small buttons and functional features did not really convince me
* ClickUp: seems more like a comprehensive project management tool
* TickTick: apart from the missing key GTD features (see above), main drawbacks are the company location (HongKong: data privacy issue with China, or other sources say the company is based in San Francisco) and unclear team: they do not mention any names
* Taskangel: syncs with Toodledo in the background
* Todoist: quite expensive and thus did not have closer look at it
* Things3: must be bought separately per device type, thus quite expensive, did not have closer look at it

All the best to you current and ex TD users and thanks to all who have contributed to the forums.

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Posted Apr 03, 2019 in: SubTasks not Showing up
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  • Stephen
  • Posted: Apr 03, 2019
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I have the same issue, but only on the notebook with the web version. On iPhone and iPad it's showing subtasks correctly.

Please fix this, I loose oversight of my tasks when the subtasks do not show up properly.

Thanks, Stephen

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  • Stephen
  • Posted: Jan 15, 2015
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I have same issue in central Europe (Switzerland), hope to get a fix soon. thx