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Posted Aug 27, 2015 in: Introducing the Ribbon
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  • VB777
  • Posted: Aug 27, 2015
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Posted by Jake:
We are looking into the auto-expand thing to see if it will work.

Why just not add another option to Account Settings > Tasks > Display Preferences: Task bar layout
Classic (old version)


That way if someone is not happy with how ribbon works for him he can opt out. This way it's much more preferable because we don't have to be hold hostages with an unusable interface while you keep improving it, which can take God knows how much until it works for everyone.

Thank you.

Posted Aug 26, 2015 in: Introducing the Ribbon
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  • VB777
  • Posted: Aug 26, 2015
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How to switch back from this Ribbon??

I hate this! It works slower, adds another scrollbar to the folders pane, have to click to show it and close. The old menu was much better, mouse over and it shows and move mouse away it hides!

Why don't you offer this as an improvement option? Let those that willing to try switch to it and then sort the bugs and kinks out. Why test on everyone and switch everyone without asking?

Tell me how I switch back from this.


Posted Feb 18, 2014 in: Bitcoin as payment option
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  • Posted: Feb 18, 2014
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Do you plan to offer bitcoin donations to the android app development?

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  • Posted: Apr 06, 2012
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I also have this problem on SGS2.