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Posted Jul 06, 2020 in: iOS Update - June 2020
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Like others above the latest version of the ioS app I downloaded yesterday has been a disaster. Can you please restore the last version and leave it there until you have a version that works well.

I as many have stated opened up the app to find 0 tasks. I have been a user for over 8 years and have never had to force synch the data. I did that and it seems to be ok so far.

When I go to add a task you can barely see the options because they are in a dark black background.

Then when you go to flip from today's tasks to all tasks (have 1,700) it takes a few seconds where before it was much faster.

I know there is new CEO did the rest of the company leave and get rehired? Not the experience I have grown to enjoy over the past almost 10 years and like many others have said have come to be very dependent on.

Please email us on what is going on, what next steps are, and what you will do to prevent this from happening again. Don't want to use a beta version just restore the last version to the app store which we were fine with.

If this instability continues most of us will have to find other options and your cash flow will negatively be impacted.

This is your moment of truth rise up take accountability and communicate a plan we all can be confident in...