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Nathan Howell

Posted Oct 25, 2008 in: Toodledo on the iPhone
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Another little iPhone app suggestion: hide empty fields when viewing an item. I find that I use different sets of fields for different things, so there is a lot of wasted space on the item screen and the notes field gets pushed way down. A more compact view would be nice.
Nathan Howell

Posted Oct 25, 2008 in: Bluetooth idea
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I had an interesting idea the other day that may or not be useful:

If I could associate a bluetooth device to a toodledo tag, things could get interesting. I've heard that Apple doesn't give app developers access to bluetooth info, so this could be for nothing, but it's still fun. Not only could you have items tagged "laptop" only appear when your bluetooth enabled laptop is present, you could have agenda items tagged with peoples' names appear when their cell phone (with bluetooth enabled) is near. Interesting? Impossible?
Nathan Howell

Posted Oct 22, 2008 in: Toodledo on the iPhone
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Like the clickable links, having phone numbers clickable (like in other apps) would be great.
Nathan Howell

Posted Oct 21, 2008 in: iPhone app and location
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I've just started using Toodledo and I really like it so far (bought the iPhone app and a Pro subscription). Time to start throwing stuff into the forums ;-).

I did a search and saw brief mentions of using location in the iPhone app and wanted to put my 2 cents in. I have no idea what plans might already be happening, but I've been thinking about how I'd like to see it work, so here goes:

1. Associate multiple locations with contexts.
2. Add a "Here" entry to the main screen that shows what tasks I can do where I am. (I'm thinking under "Starred".)

This way I could do things like linking all grocery stores I use to a single context, then when I am in any of them, tap "Here" and get any items for that context. Tying contexts and physical locations make sense to me, anyway, and it keeps things simple but powerful.