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Posted Jan 04, 2018 in: Lack of Communication
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I agree, thanks for the update! I really appreciate what you all do with Toodledo!

Posted Jan 04, 2018 in: Issue retriving attached files
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When I have a file attached to my notes, I am not able to access it by clicking on the link. Here is what happens:

1. I click the paper-clip where I have a file attached.
2. Then I click the file name.
3. Toodledo the refreshes my page and I'm looking at my main task view again.

I'm never able to access my files via the paper-clip icon.

Is there a fix for this?

Also, while I am positing, I want to put in for a feature request/improvement. There is a lot of improvement that could be done uploading files and images to tasks through the mobile website (as far as I know you cannot do it at all through the Android app). When I tried, it was slow, clunkey, and ultimately didn't work.

Task attachments are a big reason to switch from the silver to gold subscriptions and I would love an easier way to use that feature.

Thank you!

Posted Jan 01, 2018 in: Lack of Communication
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What is going on with the lack of communication from the Toodledo team?

After the new layout went live, there has been almost no posts in the news section and the posts that are there are about server maintenance and down time.

Now it's 2018, and they didn't even do a year in review for last year.

This is unlike the service most of us know and love and it's disappointing to me as a customer. I don't care what the Toodledo team members are working on, but I like to know that they ARE working on something.

Is Toodledo getting bought like Wunderlist? Or have they stopped development for some reason?

Am I the only one who noticed the drop in communication? I don't know if the community here knows something that I'm missing (or if the staff want to weigh in), but I'm curious what others think.

Posted Apr 14, 2017 in: Priority Field in New Layout
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I do not use the priority Field with Toodledo, however, some IFTTT applets require a set priority (specifically the Google Assistant and Calendar ones) . No big deal, because I have the priority field turned off in my settings.

However, when I use the new layout on my phone, it still shows the priority indicator in the corner even though the field is disabled in my settings.

Is there a way to turn this off in the new layout?

Thank you!

Posted Jul 20, 2015 in: Notes and Folders
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Is there a way to activate the Folders feature (or any similar feature) on my Notes without activating it in my Tasks?

I do not use folders for my tasks. However, I would like an extra level of organization for my notes. How would I do that?

Thank you!