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Posted Dec 20, 2021 in: AMA / Ask me Anything
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Hi. Best of luck with your new business.

I've been asking this question since you took over but I've never had a reply.

When will your fix the iPad app so the that heavy users who have lots of past tasks (and who therefore pay the highest subscriptions) can use that app instead of having to access Toodledo on their browser please?


Posted Aug 12, 2021 in: iPad app
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Hi. Congratulations to the new team. I was ready to quit Toodledo because of the lack of iPad functionality and the complete lack of any response from the previous team. Truly awful. I even tracked down the owners and sent them direct emails with no response. I'm hoping that you guys will get Toodledo back to where it once was.

My problem is that the iPad app simply doesn't work for users with large historical tasks. It crashes.

Given that the users with the large number of checked off tasks are the very ones paying the highest subscription it seems that those paying the most are getting the worse service.

Could you please give us an approximate timescale for resolving this issue?

Thanks and best of luck.