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Anurag Bansal

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I am a heavy Toodledo user on my iPhone. At the same time I use Google Apps for my domain, so I am a Gmail fan too.
You might be aware that Google recently launched a service for iPhone and other mobile users - Google Sync. People can sync their Gmail contacts and Calendar to iPhone.
So I thought why not try Toodledo to sync my tasks to Gmail Calendar and hence in turn try the iphone calendar to have the tasks I add to my Ultimate Todo's application on iphone.

To do this I did some tricks and made it work. Thanks to the Live iCal service Toodledo provides and Google Sync.

The process flow is shown below:

Check out the article explaining all the details:

Please don't consider it a self promotion, I am just trying to return my favour by helping people use these services better.

I will appreciate any suggestion you have for me to improve the article and to add any new feature which I might have skipped.


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Anurag Bansal

Posted Feb 10, 2009 in: Quick Add tasks to Toodledo in iPhone
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Posted by Jay:
You can also add a task with voice using dial2do. It's free. After setup, all you need to do is call dial2do on your iPhone (or any phone) and say "email" then say "toodledo" then say whatever your task is. It will get transcribed into text (plus save a copy of your voice recording in case you were mumbling), and sent it to your toodledo account. Only issue is I haven't figured out how to say things like @, #, !, etc. so it doesn't understand the toodledo language.

Oh ya, I am also a great fan of Dial2Do.
Anurag Bansal

Posted Feb 10, 2009 in: MMDESOFT Ultimate Todos
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I am really happy to have found this app in iTunes and thanks to you guys for keeping it free.
I would like to mention one article I wrote today, after the release of Google Sync, Toodledo becomes a life saver for us Todo fans.

This might look like a self promotion, but I just want to share some tips of using this fantastic utility.
Check out the blog post at:

Thanks for giving Toodledo and this Ultimate Todos for iPhone.